Halloween Candy Cheat Sheet

With one week to go before Halloween and with an influx of interest from social media, I am going to share the Weight Watchers Halloween Candy Cheat Sheet that I have been handing out to my meetings over the past several days. Obviously it doesn't have every candy available on there, but I think I covered the most popular brands and types.

Halloween Candy Cheat Sheet

Feel free to click on the above list and print out your own copy


Here are some of the tips to navigate the dreaded Halloween season (since we know it is more than 1 day) that my members came up with this week:

* Wait and buy candy until the day OF Halloween - limits temptations in the days prior

* If you have to buy candy in advance, keep it out of sight out of mind - say in the trunk of your car perhaps?

* Buy candy you DON'T like to reduce temptation - but I like all the candy! :P

* Buy only enough candy for the crowd you are expecting - if you get 8 kids a year, don't go out and buy 12 bags of candy "just in case" ;)

* Hand out non-candy options: Halloween pencils, pretzels, gummies, toys - just not raisins - you don't wanna get egged :P

A member of mine (thanks Kathy!!!) found these Mott's gummies (2 PP per bag) at Costco. 80 baggies came to $6.50. Now that's a deal AND it's something she won't snack on!


* Keep healthy food options on hand while you hand out candy - hello power foods!

* Hang the cheat sheet in sight while handing out the candy - highlight the values of the candy you are handing out!

* I will take a post-it note and write out the Pts for something I enjoy exponentially ... 1 is x Pts, 2 is y Pts, etc. See below.


This allows me to see how mindless snacking on kit kats can SERIOUSLY add up Pts wise.

* Delegate someone else to hand out the candy and put yourself in charge of fixing up decorations or taking pictures of the trick-or-treaters

But what do we do when those pesky nice coworkers bring the extra candy into the office on November 1??

* Keep healthy snack options in your desk

* Figure out where the candy is being kept and avoid

* Find a different route to walk around the office that doesn't bring you past the candy

* Bring a copy of the Cheat Sheet into work and keep at your desk OR next to the candy dish itself


But as we all know, there is NOTHING off limits on Weight Watchers. SO if you are a person that can have just one, go for it. Just mark down the points and OWN it. Don't deny yourself or three weeks down the road when candy is like 75% off, you end up buying a bag and eating the entire thing.

Enjoy in moderation!

I hope this can all help you during this Halloween season! Please free to share any other tips you have for navigating the beginning of candy season...