Cravings are super hard for me to deal with especially since I walk by a bunch of bars and restaurants on my walk home from work and to/from the gym everyday. Rough! I mean, as long as I don’t see the Potbelly’s, I won’t think about their sandwiches. It is once a pass a place that I am like, “Wow! Chinese sounds awesome for dinner” or “Oh margaritas are perfect on a Wednesday afternoon.” Temptations and cravings are everywhere… How do you all deal with your cravings? I was thinking about it a lot this week. I just finished eight days of eating on point (no activity or weekly pts used), but then the cravings overcame me. Wednesday night I had some chicken tenders and Forever Yogurt. Last night I had Domino’s Pizza. This morning I had a pumpernickel bagel from Einstein Brothers. This weekend I plan to finally try the pulled pork sandwich from Subway.

So as you can see: I basically feed all my cravings in a four to five day period. Then I go right back to eating on plan. It is a weird conundrum, but it has been working for me. I don’t know. I think my brain would rather take the weight gain hit in one week than worry about going over multiple weeks in a row.

I wonder if it wouldn’t be smarter to fill one craving per week, but the thing is I can go 8-10 days without getting a craving. So I don’t know if I would necessarily have something to splurge on each week. It seems that my cravings come in one spurt and I need to squelch them all and move on.

The thing I love about Weight Watchers is I can do this. I can be normal. I can eat what I want and if I go off the path. I just get right back on when I am ready. It is always here to pick me up. As is the #7daychip ... I always start a new #7daychip after a time of indulging ... it helps me feel "cleansed."


How do you all silence the demons?