Way To Go Jim!

I keep mentioning my friend Jim, who is not just an awesome guy, but a great motivator for me. Jim is also a Weight Watchers member. He started the Weight Watchers at Work program in November 2010. (He was actually the one that gave me the idea to bring Weight Watchers to my work). About a week ago, his company discontinued the program so he is in Week Two of Weight Watchers Online. I applaud him for sticking with Weight Watchers even though he will no longer have the meetings to attend, but reminded him he could also switch to that option down the road. He, like me, weighs in on Tuesday mornings. So it is nice to have that in common as well. Well, Jim has been kicking butt and taking names since November 2010. He has lost about 40 lbs and continues to succeed. We were talking about how you don't realize weightloss really until you look at pictures side-by-side so we took a new pic last night to prove it. :)

Left: July 28, 2011 and Right: September 2010 (Two months before joining)

How amazing does he look!! :) You can totally see the change. I am so proud of him and wanted to give one of my biggest supporters and motivators some props on the old blog!

Go Jim Go!! :)
We also took a pic back in January together so here is another difference maker...