Not sure if anyone here follows me on twitter (@IrishEyes1982), but I have been talking about our moving situation. Basically, the wife and I have been in the same apartment for almost two years. We lucked out when we found it. A two bedroom/two bath for $1,600. That is good for Chicago in case you were wondering. :) The place took dogs and was within walking distance of work. Oh and best part? It was a block away from Dunkin Donuts. Woo! Well over time the neighborhood and our street in particular has changed. The violence has increased. The amount of youth out and about at all hours of the night has increased. The traffic to and from the bars has increased. (I can only handle my doorbell being rung at 3am so many times) The solicitors are always outside our door. I mean there are blocks around us, yet they always set up shop right in front of our door. Also, homeless people always like to set up camp in front of our door. I really don't know what is so alluring about our doorway?

Anyway, I digress. Basically, I am over where we live. I am over having to push through the "teens" and "prostitutes" outside my door when I need to go to work at 5am on a Saturday. So, the search began...

Our management company refused to try and move our lease to another of their buildings. So we had to start looking elsewhere.

Oh and we now have two dogs. If you think renting with one door is a hassle ... try two! :P

So I really left the apartment search to the wife since she spends more time at our apartment than I do. My one stipulation was outdoor space. I wanted either a back porch, front porch, roofdeck or yard space. She found a perfect apartment last week, but for some reason we were not selected. Again, back to square one.

Well, I had lunch with my friend Ellie the other day (who just moved to our neck of the woods) and as we walked to her place she pointed out an apartment for rent. It is about 4 doors down from her new place and the same landlord. So we went and viewed it the next day and .... WE GOT IT! Yay! The horrendous apartment search is over.

We signed the lease this afternoon and can move in anytime after August 15. It looks like we are going to shoot for August 18 to start the move. Now, we are still in our old lease and have that place until the end of September, which will make the move a little easier. But, it will stretch the old budget. Looks like these girls will be spending alot more time at home ... which is fine now that I can do that on a huge back deck! :)

So we are paying a little more per month, but we are getting a 3 bedroom/1 bathroom place with free laundry and a huge deck. Oh and did I mention the jacuzzi tub? Yeah, I will like that after a long run.

Now the great thing about the new place is it is still within walking distance of work and Dunkin Donuts and even closer to my gym and the Lakefront running trail. Aaannnd we can have puppy play dates with Ellie and her lil munchkins! :)

I feel a sense of relief that we have a place and will not be homeless. But, I am now stressed about finances. I know it will all work out. (We are starting to put some things around the apartment on Ebay).

I will be sure to post lots of pics when we are all settled!! :)