#BostonRunsSocial Meetup/Tweetup (April 19) - You joining?

Do you live in Boston? Do you read this blog? Ummm that is an awkward question since you are currently reading this sentence, but hey I have to ask anyway. Right?

Are you running the BAA 5k or Boston Marathon?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, well good for you.

That's it. I was just wondering.

Ahhh just kidding! ;)

It's meetup/tweetup time folks!!

I floated the idea out on the interwebs a few months back and folks seemed like they wanted to get on board. So here it is:


The Back Bay Social club is located right across the street from the expo so it is a GREAT location!

Will I see you there?

PS Special thanks to Linzie from See Sharp Run for coming up with the sweet hashtag!!