*UPDATED* I'm going to Nashville to #FightStroke!

Being a member of Tedy's Team is an honor. One that I am reminded of every day. It becomes even more evident at the pasta party prior to the Boston Marathon, which happened last night. Hearing the stories of teammates - 5 who are Stroke Survivors that will be running on Monday. I run in honor of my Stroke Heroes - my grandparents - and for all others who have been affected by Stroke.


So when I surpassed the $5000 goal for the Boston Marathon I started to think what was next. I then realized (yes late to the game) that many of my teammates would be taking on the Nashville half or full marathon five days after Boston. The fundraising goal for that was $4500.

As I sat pondering the extra challenge, I made my final push for Boston by offering mile sponsorships. The generous donations came rolling in (which still leaves me speechless)!

Finally yesterday I made a decision. If I could hit the $8000 mark, I would make the announcement: 2 marathons in 5 days to Fight Stroke.

And then this happened...

photo (34)

So I am doing it. I am going to push my body and mind to a new limit in honor of my grandparents and those that can't run.

Since the mile sponsorship was well-received for Boston, we are taking it to Nashville too. Here are the details:

1) Head over to my donation page (here) and donate :) – $20 per mile

2) Comment on this blog post with which mile you would like to sponsor

3) Feel good about helping to Fight Stroke


Thank you all for your continued support as we head to Boston tomorrow and Nashville Saturday!!

 EDIT: After the medical incidents at the Boston Marathon on April 21, I will be dropping to the half marathon in Nashville.

New fundraising update:



1 Holly Rhoades Johnson 2 Gramma 3 AK Stout 4 Joe Zorola 5 Mom & Dad 6 Jerilyn Goldberg 7 Dacia Root and Erick Larin 8 Carlee Padot McClurg 9 Chris Shuttlesworth 10 Katrina Pilkington 11 Jamie Falzone 12 Carissa Bealert 13 Cecilia Jones 13.1 My Stroke Heroes