Celebrating AMC Assembly Row - Enjoy The Show!

Let's all go to the movies! Let's all go to the movies!


Or let's all go the lobby ... and get ourselves a treat.

Okay I totally had myself at treat.

The wife and I had the honor of attending the VIP opening of the AMC Theatres at the new Assembly Row in Somerville (aka across the street from my house).

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Please no autographs right now. I will set time aside for that at a later date. ;) #Baller #JK #DidSheJustHashtagInABlogPost #YesIDid

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We arrived in time to take a nice leisurely tour around the 12-screen theatre.

photo 1 (56)

1 that is IMAX.

photo 3 (44)

There is a large and well-stocked self-serve food area at the top of the stairs to the theatre.

photo 1 (57)

photo 3 (45)

photo 4 (33)

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Oh yeah we have some fun and fruity frozen drinks going on.

The wife enjoyed the endless soda and Icee choices.

photo 2 (51)

And you know AMC is thinking it through with a bar as well.

photo 4 (32)

Who doesn't like to go to a Disney movie in IMAX and enjoy a glass of wine at the same time? I know I do ... and now I can.

We even got to sample some of the food options: pizza, waffle fries and cheesecake.

photo 4 (31)


As we were perusing the snacks - with a complimentary wine in hand - a worker said: "Snacks are free so make sure to try as many as you want."

Ohhh folks - it was like she said I won the lottery. The wife and I tried to sample as many as we could ... responsibly!! I have a waist line to watch.

Once the snacks were selected the next choice was which movie to see.

photo 2 (50)

I immediately wanted to pick Maleficent and the wife agreed. Easy choice; however, I would've loved to check out the IMAX theatre. Oh well, I can see that on another day.

The theatre was gorgeous. Grand seats as seen in the first picture in this post. On the sides of the theatre there are "date boxes."

photo 1 (59)

Which are amazing. The middle armrest lifts up for perfect "snuggling" conditions. Wide outer armrests with enough room for a large drink holder.

And the best part? The chairs recline. Oh yeah that's right!!

photo 5 (19)

Soooo comfy.

Perfect date night conditions.

photo 2 (52)

It really felt like we were alone in the theatre (well part of that is from being a private event), but the "date box" really offers nice privacy.

The seats at AMC Assembly can be reserved ahead of time online so you don't even have to wait in lines waiting to get a seat hours before the latest movie gets released.

I think AMC is making this movie going experience easier and like you're watching a movie in a luxury living room.

So come on over to Somerville and enjoy the show!