I'm Not Streakin' Anymore...


I was joining the bandwagon and following Frank The Tank (yet clothed) on a run streak.

Now I had taken part in the #RWRunStreak back in the fall and discovered after running 35-straight days with that challenge I realized...

I am not a streaker!

I am not built to run every single day. I need rest days.

But the challenge made me stronger and taught me that if I put my mind to something I can finish any goal I set ahead of myself.

So for that I was thankful.

Why did I attempt to streak again if I declared myself a non-streaker?

Because why not.

Hey, sometimes the first time we attempt something it doesn't work out. Might as well give it the old college try one more time.

PLUS, after completing the two marathons in a week in April, I needed something to get me back out the door.

The #WOMSRunStreak was born...

I put zero pressure on myself. I didn't set a number of days. I just told myself a minimum 2 miles a day. Now, about a week or so ago I started having some pain in my left hamstring. But I kept ignoring it and went about my running.

I should've stopped. Right then and there and rested. But I told myself I could do just 2 miles on it.

I let the streaking get the best of me. Especially when Runner's World kicked off their #RWRunStreak when I was 21 days into my own. So I jumped on that band wagon.

But yesterday I finally listened to the growing pain right under my butt and stopped.

I didn't run.

I felt guilty.

I felt like I let myself down.

I let readers down.

Then I looked myself in the mirror and said this is exactly why you don't streak.

I build unnecessary pressure on myself. Imaginary pressure if you will.

So yesterday I didn't run - I walked - and the world kept spinning.

What's comical is how many miles I reached during the 29 day #WOMSRunStreak.



I couldn't have turned my Garmin on for 0.1 miles yesterday just to hit 100.

Ah well - I like the play on 9's so it works for me.

Will I try streakin' again? Maybe if I need that little oomph again.

But for now the streak ended and tonight's run (which I probably shouldn't be doing, but I need to run on National Running Day) will be pressure free. Well besides meeting a new running club and calming those nerves. ;)


Do you enjoy or loathe running streaks?