Racemenu's Boston 5k Summer Series: Race #1

Not much can top a 5k along the historic Charles River in Boston on a Thursday night in the Summer. Well maybe six 5ks along the beautiful Charles River in Boston on Thursday nights. Enter the Boston 5k Summer Series by Racemenu.

What I like about this series is the Women’s Only 5k option. That’s right. This race has 2 5ks in one night for the ladies if you so desire.

Six Thursday evening 5K runs along the Charles River in Boston at the DCR’s Artesani Park on Soldiers Field Road w/ after-parties.

The Series kicked off on May 29th with the Women’s Only 5k at 7 and the Open/Co-Ed 5k at 7:30. So if you ladies desired, they could complete the first, turn around and head right back out for another.

Which was my original game plan.


That day my car ended up in the shop. I wasn't sure if I would even make it to the 5k so during the afternoon I went out and ran 3 miles near my house.

Because you know I had to keep the running streak alive.

Thankfully my dad came home from work in enough time to drop me off at the run. I picked up my bib, which I will use for the entire series (because you know I signed up for the entire series) and ran into folks I knew. I love chatting with other people and hearing their stories and accomplishments. I had run into my friend Lisa who runs for the Boston Marathon for the Liver Foundation and used to be one of my Weight Watchers members. She introduced me to her friends and it was like we knew each other for ages. Easy conversation. Something I find with many runners.

I also love me some free race photos! Thanks Racemenu.

After stretching and chatting, it was time to line up for the Women's 5k. Since I ended up running in the afternoon I decided to run in the first 5k and then head home. I wasn't ready for a 9 mile day. The horn went off and away we went.

The Charles River features a TON of local 5ks so I have run around that path countless times. However, this was the first time I ran it counter clockwise. All other races seem to occur in the same direction and this was the opposite. It was a welcomed change. We did a small loop at the beginning which actually brought us back under the START line. Part of me wanted to stop right there. The legs were feeling that first run.

Mile 1: 7:29

What? I was shocked. I actually looked down at my watch and said: "No Way!" out loud. Good thing everyone around me had their headphones in so no one could hear me talking to my Garmin.

The path was clear, the weather was nice and it was cool being in a field completely made up of women.

Fast women.

Mile 2: 7:37

One thing I never do in Boston is place in my division. I am not sure if there is something in the water I am not drinking or having all the Division One athletes around or what, but the speed here is unmatched. I try not to get discouraged, but it happens.

These women push me to be a stronger runner and a better athlete. So being in a race solely with them was inspiring.

Well inspiring for the mental not the physical. I could tell my body was getting tired. I just had to keep pushing.

I picked a girl in front of me and made it my freakin' mission to pass her before the Finish Line. Whatever it took I would.

Mile 3: 7:50

With a clear path and a water stop to refresh, I gave a final push towards the end and passed the girl I had my sights on.


My time of 23:29 was good for 26th overall out of 103.

I even got to start the music after the co-ed 5k started. Big duty: turn volume up high after the horn goes off. Check!

Overall, I was pleased. I wanted to stick around for the co-ed 5k and after party, but my parents had already gotten there to pick me up. Yes I kind of felt like a little kid, but the ride was appreciated.


Note: I was supposed to run Race #2 of the Summer Series on June 12, but due to a left hamstring injury I had to bow out. BUT I will be in attendance for Race #3 on July 17!


Do you enjoy a local weeknight 5k?