Wednesday Wrap Up: Running Edition

Before I even begin, I want to thank everyone for their support from yesterday's post - Relapse. It means so much to me to hear from people who have gone through a similar situation and maybe felt alone. I am here to say you are not alone and that is something I need to hear as well. But now on to something fun ... running!!


Yesterday the wife and I signed up for the Run Disney Rebel Challenge. Annnddd I may have fallen on the keyboard a second time and added the 5k to the mix as well.

For those that don't know, the Rebel Challenge is happening in Disneyland January 15-18 and is a Star Wars themed race weekend.


The inaugural Rebel Challenge is a 10k on the Saturday and Half Marathon on the Sunday. The 5k which I will also be doing will be Friday morning. So I am a marathon short of the Dopey Challenge. ;)

I am wicked excited. This will be our first trip to Disneyland. My wife is a HUGE Star Wars fan so it was an easy thing to get her to sign up for.

Noooowww I can work on the Coast 2 Coast medal - which means completing a Disney race at both parks in one calendar year. I am opting for the Glass Slipper Challenge (10k and Half) during Princess Weekend in February for our Disney World trip.

Since the trigger is pulled the only thing left to worry about are the costumes - my favorite part of the Disney races.

photo (39)

Here are the four costumes I used during the Dopey Challenge in January.

 Now we wait to see what the bling will look like!!


Tonight, I met the Boston Luna Chix for the second-straight week to take part in their Wednesday night run club. The all-female group does a 3 or 4 mile run (your choice) out of the Athleta Store on Newbury St. It is a great location and nice change of pace from running by myself.

I actually know a few of the girls that put it on thanks to social media and Weight Watchers. :) I once again was joined by my friend/fellow blogger/fellow Weight Watchers Leader Susan.


I hung with Susan for the run and had a great time catching up with her and taking it easy on the left hammy. The group truly does welcome folks of all different paces.

Plus it holds me accountable to get moving on a Wednesday.


I am definitely going to work on a blog post about taking mid-run selfies. I would love to share the joy of the mid-run selfie with as many folks as possible. :)


Do you like running with a group or solo?