Face It Friday: Feelin' Good 7/11/14

Livin' La Vida ... balanced! Okay that doesn't really flow like Livin' La Vida Loca, but work with me.

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I hit the massive reset button on June 13! I faced the scale and realized I was up 15.8 lbs from the week before I started the temp job (Feb 20).

Not okay! There are plenty of excuses I could throw out there, but the blame lies on me.

It is the most amount of weight I had gained back since hitting goal in January 2012.

But it took that shock to snap me back to reality. To reassess what was working and what wasn't.

So I have gotten back to basics.

I've refocused and am holding myself accountable.

And it has helped 11.8 lbs to be gone. Now the first week of being "back on plan" resulted in a 6+ lb loss, which was mainly bloating and water weight.


How did it start?

Getting back into the meeting room!


Sitting my butt back into the green chair has been exactly what I have been looking for. Since becoming a WW leader, I didn't have the time to get to a meeting since I was mainly leading all the convenient times. ;) But now I am making it a priority and it feels nice to put the member hat back on.

It was my Success Story that really sparked that for me. Since I went on and on about my love of meetings.

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I got over attending a meeting I used to lead and it's been worth it.

After refocusing the meeting room, it has been tracking.

Novel concept I know. ;0)


Has it been perfect tracking? Absolutely not, but guesstimating - especially on the weekend - is a form of accountability.

My food scale and measuring cups are back out on the counters. Oh portion control!


Especially chips!! I love throwing broken pieces of chips on the food scale to get myself spot on with the serving size. Grams are easy for me to work with than "about 6 chips."

Oh hey Good Health Guidelines! Allowing the WW Healthy Checks to shape my day has made me feel healthier overall.

But at the heart of it all, I had to remind myself that I am worth it as well as my fitness goals. Eating for training and my activity goals has reframed my choices.

Still asking myself that question:

“Will X help me achieve my goal?”

And yes pizza and sangria sometimes do help! ;)

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So limiting my indulgences to the weekend or a special occasion during the week has actually been easier than I thought. Sometimes climbing back on the wagon is tough, but it has felt easy. You know that means my body and mind were ready for it.

During this time, I felt ashamed of the weight gain, but life happens - which can be an excuse. But it has been a learning experience, there are things I have learned from WW that I must continue to relearn and keep as a priority if I want to have success with weight maintenance. :)

Some people don't have to keep tracking, but this girl needs to. It keeps me accountable and my portion sizes in control.


It was funny after indulging on Saturday with the wife in Ogunquit, Maine, I was ready to get back to "normal" on Sunday. I think that is a good sign.


How was your week?