Face It Friday: In The Negative & I Still Lost 7/18/14

My Weight Watchers week begins on Friday. By Sunday I was deeply in the negative. You may ask how? I was so active that weekend.

Well I was out-of-town visiting a friend and stupidly bought a bag of Baked Cheetos, which I proceeded to eat during the two days in the car. That bag rang me 24 PPV alone.

Additionally, I enjoyed some delicious beer and birthday cake/ice cream for my niece.

photo 1 (91)photo 5 (39)

Now I can admit I didn't track Saturday or Sunday. I knew it was bad and didn't want to see how negative it was.

Then I looked in the mirror and told myself what I told my members: "Even if you don't write it down, the Points still count."

So I dragged out my iPhone from next to me ;) and did my best at estimating. On Monday morning, I was -28 PPV. Yeah that meant I used all 49 WPs and any APs I had earned. Ouch!

But seeing the number made me get up and move more.

I didn't care if I made it back to the positive I just wanted to lower that negative number as best I could.

And you know what happened?

photo (60)

I LOST 1.6 lbs!!

Woo! I really focused on sticking to my DPT (Daily Points Target) and Good Health Guidelines during the week days.

Plus, I made the rule when I refocused on June 13 to keep alcoholic beverages to the weekend ... aka DrinkEnd! :) There are obvious special exceptions like the race on July 3rd. But it has helped me to enjoy them more when I do have them.

Now I wasn't perfect during the week. I had a mini chip binge on Wednesday night - to the tune of 11 pts. But I tracked it and moved on. I also know it happened because I stayed up too late watching TV so I could pinpoint the issue.

I had no idea what the scale would do this morning, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Tracking really does work. Instead of just throwing my hands up on Monday and saying well this week is a bust. Tracking allowed me to refocus and come up with a new plan for Monday-Thursday.

u turn

So when you hear yourself say:

I don't even WANT to know how many Points that was!

Run to your computer, phone or Pocket Guide and look it up or guesstimate. Putting something in the tracker is better than nothing.


Since June 13, I have successfully shed 13.4 of the 15.8 lbs gained during my temp assignment. Yahoo!! What a great feeling getting back to the balance I know that works for me.


I had to skip my meeting this morning because I went on my longest bike ride to date, BUT I will be attending the 8am meeting tomorrow to make up for it. :)


The bike ride was exhilarating as I pushed new paces, rocked some hills and even managed to fall of the bike for the second time while stopped. Ha.


Have you ever ended up in the negative during a Weight Watchers week? How did the scale treat ya?