My Fourth Of July Weekend

Hurricane Arthur rolled into town during the Fourth of July weekend here in Boston, which altered the non-existent plans I had for the weekend. Ha! This year the wife and I had zero invites for BBQs. Not sure if I need to take that personally or count it as a blessing.

For my little ego, I will go with the latter. ;)

The weekend started Thursday with the Finish At the 50 10k.

2014-07-03 19.31.27-1

While the race wasn't what I expected, I still love starting a long weekend off with a run.


On July 4th itself, I met my friend Darcie for a long bike ride outside. It was my first 30+ mile bike ride and we had the pleasure of experiencing sun, cold and rain while out on the bike. But I made it through...

photo (52)

... even when we had to carry our bikes over trees that were down on the path.


The rest of the day was spent snuggling in bed with the wife and pups. It was raining, thundering and blistering outside so it was great to hide away inside catching up on Netflix. I needed a serious chill day and it was perfect.


Saturday proved to be a nicer day so the wife and I took the dogs for a little walk so that we could get coffee.

photo 5 (37)

After attempting to tire the dogs out, the wife and I piled into the car and headed to Ogunquit for the day. It is one of our favorite places in Maine. Plus, it is a decent 80-90 min ride from Boston, which is doable for a day trip.

Once we parked the car, it was time to get some steps in before lunch.

photo 4 (52)

Marginal Way spans about a mile from Ogunquit Beach to Perkins Cove and is a great way to see the ocean.

photo 1 (87)

Plus it helps to work up an appetite. Even though I ate my grapes while on the walk, I was ready for pizza.

Every trip to Ogunquit includes a trip to Corner Stone Pizza, our favorite restaurant in town.

photo 2 (78)

I mean YUMMM!!

And yes I tracked every single delicious bite of pizza and sangria. :)

Following lunch, we popped down to Ogunquit Beach to walk along the ocean. I mean is there anything better than walking along the ocean, hand-in-hand with the person you love?

photo 4 (53)

The beach was full of families, friends playing games and of course the occasional seagull eating a dead fish. The wife attempted to skip rocks, while I opted to just dip my toes in the ocean.

photo 3 (67)

Looking at the water made us wish we were there for a full vacation, but I will take an afternoon whenever I can.

When I arrived home from a perfect New England Saturday, I was met with a great gift from my cousin Jen - a wine glass asking me to be one of her bridesmaids. :)

photo 5 (38)

Jen on the left & me on the right

How creative? But, she forgot to include the wine. Silly girl.


All weekend I was looking forward to Sunday.

"But Dani, why? Sunday just means Monday is the next day?"

I know I know. On this Sunday however, I would be running with my girl Sarah from Mom Running On Empty and her husband Rob. I picked them up from their hotel at 7:15am and we headed to the Charles River for a fun 10-mile run.

photo 2 (77)

Thankfully I know the Charles River pretty well from endless training runs so I mapped out a two loop run so we could stash water at my car for a mid-run pitstop.

photo 1 (86)

Oh hey, mid-run selfie masters

It was a great way to catch up with out-of-town friends and took care of the indulging I had done the day before. :)

I <3 balance!

The rest of Sunday was designated for meal prep, blog catch up and prepping the launch of the F.A.S.T. virtual 5k and 10k.

The F.A.S.T. virtual 5k and 10k is taking place July 27-August 3 to benefit Tedy's Team and the American Stroke Association.

If you want more info on the virtual race, please read more here.

photo 3 (66)


All in all it was one amazing long weekend with my wife and friends. :)

How was your Fourth of July weekend?