Face It Friday: Lack Of Activity 8/15/14

5 days of forced rest for my sore quads threw me for a mental loop this week. As you all know my Weight Watchers week starts on Friday so by Monday I usually have anywhere from 30-50 Activity Points depending on what my training plan has in store.

Well when I plugged my little Activelink into my computer on Monday morning I had 2 APs. That's right folks 2. Ouch!

I was held out of activity Thursday-Monday. It was rough. I hated seeing my Fitbit barely recording steps and my Activelink lacking in lit up lights. It was frustrating, but I knew it was the best thing for my body.

But I had a big weekend that needed those APs.

photo 2

That's right folks. You can see a pretty big negative number up in the tracker.

This past weekend I filled a few cravings I had been having: Chinese Food, chicken tenders, etc. Oh and attended a wedding too.

I actually didn't track after 5pm Friday through Sunday night. I didn't want to know. But then I woke up with that nagging inner guilt on Monday morning and faced the music.


But it was fun and I do not regret any of the choices I made.

I still hit my Good Health Guidelines and my water goals during those 3 days.

Now I know I need to improve my weekend habits, but for now this type of balance is working for me and the social engagements that creep up. Keeping indulging and adult beverages to the weekend is definitely making a difference.

So like usual I tightened up the eating on Monday, but still didn't have the activity to counteract the damage.

Luckily my quads starting feeling better on Tuesday so I was able to swim on Tuesday, bike on Wednesday and run a little on Thursday. Something was better than nothing. Those three days led to the 14 of my 18 APs for the week.

I cannot remember the last time I had as few as 24 APs in a week. I thought for sure I would have an automatic gain just because of that. It worried me for future weeks when I can't keep my AP level to the usual 75-100 APs I've been clocking.

I knew I would face the music this morning. Whatever happened would happen. I enjoyed the weekend and made sure to keep my injury and health at the forefront of my mind for the week. I didn't force an extra workout just to try to earn back some extra APs because my body wasn't ready.

Well, I stepped on the scale today and was down 0.5 lbs from last Friday's unexpected gain. Woo! I will take it.

I really didn't care what the scale said because I feel good. The good routines are outweighing the bad. The balance is being found. I am getting back into a groove.

The progress in the last nine weeks is great. It is more than the 17.8 lbs I have relost, but the healthy habits are outweighing the bad. The motivation has been refound. The light rekindled.

photo 1 (5)

So this morning, I changed my Weight Watchers goal weight from 155 to 157. The 155 was a number set by my doctor, but it seems my body is happier in the higher end of the 150s.

Hey! As a girl who used to sit in the 230s, I will love any number in the 150s.

From here on out my personal goal will be 155 and my WW goal will be 157 (giving me a range of 155-159).

And I am almost back there.

I really beat myself up over this weight gain. How could I let this happen after 2 years at goal? How could I let myself, my readers and my members down? Then I remembered: I am human. Life happens. It is how you respond to it that truly defines you.

I am a fighter and will continue to learn and adapt as my lifestyle and fitness levels evolve. Finding a balance is crucial.


How do you handle unexpected rest weeks?