Face It Friday: Snack It, Track It & Bike Ride Milestone 8/29/14

Good, Bad, Ugly I have been a tracking fool since June 13 and it feels awesome. Now the topic this week was about Giving Ourselves A Break and being nicer to ourselves. It also touched on allowing ourselves to take a day off from Weight Watchers.

I don't mean have a field day with food or pretend that margaritas are zero points (ohhh if only). What I mean is take the pressure we put on ourselves (or I know I do) off for just a day.

A mental break if you will.

I think that is coming my way.

As I said I have been guestimating, tracking, writing now for over 2 months and sometimes there are times when I want to just throw my hands up, drop my iPhone and run away.

It can happen.

I am thinking this tiny break may come during my birthday week. Again I would still be doing my normal stuff, but maybe just put the tracker away and see if I can survive and stay in control without it.

Now I am not sure that this will really happen, but we will see. I am giving myself that option.

photo (83)

Through tracking I am realizing that Friday is my worst day of the week. It's obvious why. It is weigh-in day. I become extra vigilant on Wednesday and Thursday to give myself the best shot going into the weigh-in so sometimes being so worried on those days gets me ready to break free on Friday.

Now I eat the same things every Wednesday and Thursday and am never hungry or depriving myself. It is just some extra pressure I put on myself. Always happens before weigh-in.

As a result I am all wound up and ready to pop on Friday.

This is something I am recognizing thanks to tracking and going to work on in the future.

Now I was worried about Friday's weigh-in. My period was looming and I had a small incident with pizza on Tuesday night (3 slices = 22 pts). But the incident was worth it, I tracked it and moved on. The pizza was damn good. Plus I had swum 2.5 miles that day, which wasn't too shabby!!

But the scale was kind.

photo 2

Down 2.1 lbs - WOO!!

I am now .4 away from being back in the free LT range (153-157), 2.4 lbs from being back at goal (155) and 4 lbs from my lowest weight in my adult life (153.4 - seen just twice).

But tracking every Bite Lick and Taste keeps me accountable even though I have ended up in the negative 5 of the last 8 weeks, but have lost in 7 of those 8 weeks.

photo 1 (8)

A fellow WW Leader and Friend thinks I may be over-estimating my foods on the weekend and not ending up as badly in the negative as I think.

Either way it is getting me to move more during the week to try and undo some of the damage.

I know I sound like a broken record, but it really does pay off to own the choices, mark it down and see that negative number. It usually shocks me back to reality.

It also makes me really enjoy the indulgences since they are turning back into a once a month treat.

Plus, going back to meetings has also helped put myself back to the top of my To Do List. :)


Besides having a good number on the scale, I had a bike milestone.

I completed my 56-mile training ride yesterday (which is why the blog post is delayed).


I really didn't enjoy a moment of it, but had to get it done for the Half Ironman on September 7. Maybe a love or even like of biking will happen at some point, but it hasn't happened yet.

While I didn't enjoy it all that much, I am proud of myself for pushing through the mental barriers and getting it DONE.


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Do you track no matter how ugly it gets?