Monday Musings (a day late): Labor Day Weekend Fun & Beer

I hope you all like pictures!! :) I have a ton from this long weekend and a cute toddle. Let's dig right in!

Friday started off with a bang. A great weigh-in (oh hey 157.4) and my longest bike ride to date (56.29).

photo 2


Once the hardest work of my weekend was out of the way I was ready to enjoy the people in my life and the awesome weather on the docket.

Okay just kidding. I had some blog work to get done before the fun could start.

My wife actually got out of work early so we took the opportunity to get together for a little Sangria date at Papagayo at Assembly Row.


It is sooo nice having the shops/restaurants at Assembly Row open up here in Somerville ... especially since it is across the street from our house. ;)

We called it an easy low-key evening as we had a packed Saturday planned.

Well Saturday wasn't all fun action planned.

I started by walking to my Weight Watchers meeting. Proud of myself for attending 11 of the 12 meetings this summer. It feels so nice to be back with my member hat on and it has really led to my success this summer.

After my meeting I walked home to get to work. I had some blog work to get done, while the wife was working on a side project she took on.

Before taking on our busy Saturday afternoon, I convinced the wife to bike along me while I knocked out a 4.6 mile run.


It really does help pass the time and is extra QT time to have her there.

With the day's workout in the books, it was Saturday afternoon time.

Lunch with a side of Baxter Stowaway IPA at John Brewer Tavern (Malden).

mon22 2

Can I tell you that grocery shopping is a little bit easier after a beer? ;)

After grocery shopping, the rest of the day was filled with giving our apartment a deep clean before our guest were to arrive the next day. No one said the Saturday was going to be 100% fun.

We enjoyed the Weight Watchers Grilled Tequila, Citrus and Jalapeno Chicken with broccoli and wine for dinner. It was delicious!! I highly recommend it.

mon23 2

After a tiring afternoon of cleaning, Netflix was on the agenda for the evening.

Sunday morning called for an early wake-up so I could get my swim workout done before my best friend and her family arrived.

photo 4 (88)

The workout wasn't the best, but I gave it my all and was happy I got up early to do it.

After a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way home, it was time to prepare for the cutest 2 year old on the planet.

The best friend wanted to get a quick run in when she got there so we walked the significant others and 2 year old down to the park so we could get our run in.

photo 5 (66)

Running is always better with a friend.

photo 4 (86)

Joanna really enjoyed the water jets at the park. Oh and of course she figured out how to use the jets before the adults with her. ;)


Once everyone did a quick costume change/clean-up, it was time to head out to Night Shift Brewery (Everett, MA).






photo 5 (65)

It was a great location. We each tried the flight of 4 beers (4oz each) for $8. Thanks to Untappd (Friend Me). I recorded my samples: Art #29 - JavaPine, Morph (8/19/14), Trifecta and Whirlpool.

Big thanks to Night Shift Taproom for being open on a Sunday!!

The BFF and her family had another engagement for dinner so the wife and I enjoyed some BLTs with real bacon (our once a month treat)! We had apple cured bacon and it was delicious.

When they got back from dinner, it was game time. We tried out the wife's card game Poop (similar to UNO) before switching to the trusty Apples to Apples.


Now thankfully they are as old as I am and were down for a early bedtime (aka before 11pm). Yes I am that cool. :P

Usually the little lady will wake up around 6:30/7, but on this day she and the rest of us slept until 8am, which was late for everyone in the house. It was kind of glorious.

We wanted to make the most of our time together before they had to leave in the early afternoon to get back to Maine.

So we loaded the troops up in sunblock and headed over to the Assembly Row playground.

photo 4 (87)

photo 4 (85)

photo 3 (100)

photo 5 (64)

I mean is she not the cutest thing ever?

Following a little too much time in the Sun, we headed over to the Lego Store so Joanna the wife could buy a toy.

photo 4 (84)

The Wife (hoodie) and I

I will commend the wife on picking out Lego "us" to take on adventures. I just need to find a beer mug for mine like my friend Dacia!!

It was finally time to head home and start getting our grill on for lunch.


What a busy "rest day," huh?

The wife did a great job grilling out some steak tips, chicken, corn on the cob, green beans and squash. A great well-balanced lunch with friends.

We worked with Joanna on cheering "Go Aunt Dani!" as she will be on-site for my race on Sunday. Yup, I will have the cutest spectator out there.

Before I knew it it was time for my favorite family out of Maine to head home. Luckily I will see them next week, but it is always hard to say goodbye.

With the heat rising and our guests gone, we spent the rest of Monday hiding in the air conditioned bedroom enjoying the Sherlock Holmes show on the BBC thanks to Netflix. Have you seen that show? It only has 3 episodes per season, but each is like a mini movie. They are amazing works of art and directed by the director of Dr. Who.

Overall I had one exhausting weekend with less workouts than I had been used to since this weekend kicked off taper week for the Half Ironman.


Since this was a long weekend, I allowed the #drinkend to include Monday. Here are the brews I enjoyed:

photo 3 (99)

Foley Brothers - Native IPA (highly recommend this!)


Left Hand Brewering 400 Pound Monkey


Ignore foam - Berkshire Brewing Company Black IPA - Brewer's Series #1

photo 5 (63)

Coronado Brewing Company - Sock Knocker (bought based on logo, but sooo good)

photo 5 (62)

Left Hand Brewing - Wake Up Dead (5 out of 5 stars)


Finally I turn 32 2 weeks from today and would love to have you celebrate with me by helping me #FightStroke!! Find out more info here. :) There is a sweeeet raffle involved.



Did you ring in Labor Day with friends or family?