Three Things Thursday: Mish Mash

What up everyone? I am hoping everyone is enjoying this fine Thursday! I am happy to report that I am mentally and physically back into a good mental state. Winning!

I had promised to myself at the beginning of the week to blog each day. Unfortunately I missed that yesterday, but I was feeling good overall and just busy.

Today I will do a little catch-up:

1) My body is currently being taken over by some sickness/cold... and I do NOT have time for that. :P Starting Sunday I have three half marathons in four weeks and I would like to be healthy for them. So today I listened to my friends and my body. Instead of going for a 4-mile run, I did a 2,200 yard swim workout and an hour-long walk with friends. I am now snuggled up in bed hoping to get to sleep early. Please send some healthy vibes my way! ;)



2) In one week I am heading to Runner's World HQ to participate in the Runner's World Half & Festival!! Woo! I am psyched to be meeting up with some of my fellow bloggers AND some amazing online friends. The joy of racing - as I've mentioned before - is seeing familiar faces over a run and an adult beverage. :)

photo (69)

Above are my discount codes which are still live. C'mon folks you KNOW you want to come hang with me in PA!


3) Recently I've been internalizing my problems. I have felt the nagging familiar feeling of wanting to share the sadness, but not because I don't want to burden people with "my little problems." But doing that led me to being 235 lbs. It led me to cut. It led me to be bulimic and anorexic. That is my biggest struggle still.

The struggle? Remembering that it is OKAY to share my struggles. No matter how small - they are valid. I don't have to hold them all in. Releasing them always makes the situation better.


So remember: Even if you think that everyone has worse problems than you, your problems are worth your time or friends' time. Share. Don't hide. Let the emotions flow! Emotions are okay!!


How do you handle being sick?