Bring On The Double-Race Weekend

With the wind howling outside my window, I take to the blog to work through the million thoughts racing through my head. Hold on a second while I pile on another sweatshirt and a third blanket. Oh and get a puppy to start snuggling me for warmth.

Do you all have the scene? Good.

See here's the thing.

While I sit here tippity typing on my little laptop, the daunting task of this weekend seems like a million miles away. Oh double race weekends ain't got nothin' on me.

Now this weekend is my seventh multi-race weekend of 2014 so I am not so nervous about the back-to-back factor... more of the races themselves.

This is just my second obstacle course and road race weekend of the year.

On Saturday, I will be tackling my first Spartan Race EVER! Now I have been vocal about not really being an obstacle race type person, but when an organization dangles a complimentary entry in front of my face the wheels start turning. Thanks again Spartan for the entry!


Also whenever a scary race - obstacle or not - comes my way, the "then" or "before" me starts rearing its ugly head. "Why are you even considering doing this race? There is no way you will finish." "Why even try?"

Oh no you didn't old me. Oh no you didn't.

Then the "now" me starts moving my fingers and BAM I am registered. Scared, worried and unsure, but nevertheless I am registered.

So that same scenario happened again during Spartan registration, but the confirm button was set.

Originally I was supposed to race with my friend Beth, but she unfortunately suffered an injury so I am tackling the feat solo. Eek!

Again if anyone will be there please take pity on me while I try not to throw up from nerves. :P Yes I find these short obstacle races more unnerving than the 6 marathons I have completed.

That is the good thing about this Spartan race on Saturday - it is a Sprint and it takes place at my old second home: Fenway Park!


And we all know my thoughts on bling. Pictured above is the 2013 medal. Pretty freakin' sweet! Yes I will scare and psych myself out if in the end I get a piece of bling like that.

So again as I type I knew the nerves would be put into perspective and I would feel a real sense of calm.

Well until I actually get there. Then all bets are off! Be prepared for ridiculous photos tomorrow morning on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Now the MAIN goal at Spartan is to complete the race injury free...

... because the inaugural South Shore Half Marathon, which was supposed to take place November 2, is happening on Sunday.


Now I would really like to be in one working piece for this race. :) I have already decided I won't be racing racing the race (that make sense?) since I am not in PR form right now, but I would like to enjoy my experience.

Plus I love being part of inaugural races and there is a Finisher's Medal! Woo!


So while I go into this race with nerves I am proud of myself for trying!!

I came across this picture on Pinterest and related to it immediately.

FullSizeRender (20)

After signing up for and completing both the Dopey Challenge and my Half Ironman that I am more willing to try! Even though these endeavors scare me to the core at least I am putting myself out there. I am giving myself the possibility to succeed. Before this weight loss and fitness journey that wouldn't have been on my radar. Now it is becoming the norm. And don't tell anyone this, but I kinda like it.


Whether I stumble or bumble or fall on my face mid-burpee, I am attacking this weekend with everything I have. All with a smile on my face and pride in my heart.


Oh and maybe a cute set of braids. Hey! I have to learn to tame this mane as I take the next 10 months to grow it out before donating it to charity.


Have you tackled a multi-race weekend before?