Face It Friday: A New Goal 12/19/14

When we last met, I was feeling back in the groove with my weight loss progress. 2014 proved difficult for my weight maintenance plan, which I think we are all caught up on that now. ;) So on Saturday, I asked the Tedy's Team coach during the group run what weight he thought I should be at to really attack my time goals at Boston in 2015. I shared with him that I was back down to 158 and my lowest weight as an adult is 153.4 (thanks WW). He thought for a moment before responding with: "Can you lose 10?" <<Enter my blank stare>> 10 pounds? Yeah. Well I have always wondered if I could maintain a lower weight.

At that time I decided I would try to get back to my lowest weight with Weight Watchers and re-evaluate then. Now either way this conversation lit a little spark under my booty.

This past week I continued my streak of being a Track Star (which sits at 42-consecutive days as of 12/18) and really took each food choice to heart. Before making any decisions I checked in with myself and asked one of the following questions:

* Is this worth the points?

* Do I need to eat a second ____?

* Will this help me reach my goal for Boston?

* How do I really feel right now?

Now I continued to indulge, I had a few beers, some fries and onion rings... but it was relegated to two days and I had the Points available. I don't believe in deprivation, which is why I love Weight Watchers so much.

I don't have much of a social life so there weren't many challenges on my plate this past week besides a surprise attack on Monday and focus group event on Wednesday night.

On Monday, my wife asked to order Chinese Food. I stuck to my guns and politely declined having anything ordered for me. (High Five) She opted to still order. So when the food was on its way, I hopped on the bike trainer and committed to riding for one hour. While I was on the bike trainer in the living room, the wife decorated our Christmas tree near me, we listened to music and I thought about her food. It arrived while I was on the bike, she ate it while I was on the bike and it was put away while I was on the bike. (High Five) I successfully distracted myself while the tempting food was a few feet away from me. I knew my dad and I would be splitting Chinese Food on Christmas Eve (tradition) so I decided in that moment the Chinese Food wouldn't be worth it on that night, but will be on Christmas Eve. (Who am I? Go me!)

On Wednesday, there would be free food and free drinks. Ahhh *Red Light* I still get very anxious when I hear the word free before any food situation. My immediate impulse is to eat everything in sight because it is free and hey why not. But I didn't want to fall into that trap. I went in with a game plan. I brought my own food: salad, yogurt and strawberries. My goal was to stick to my own food and drink water. The food served looked great, but nothing too special. I happily ate my food and never went near the food cart. I saw the desserts and pictured germs all over them to help pass any desire to eat them. :P And you know what - I did it! I definitely gave a fist pump to myself when I left the event on plan.

Yes it is one small instance, but it gave me HUGE confidence for the next time I am in that same situation.

And you know what?

It freakin' paid off.


Today I made it back to a weight within my Lifetime Range!! Wahoo! It has been too long for my liking since I was in that range.

FullSizeRender (95)

Yay being down 1.8!

FullSizeRender (96)

I am now 1.4 lbs away from being back at goal. My Lifetime Range is 153-157.

For the second straight week, I earned 90+ Activity Points AND was not in the negative! Woo!


I needed these past two weeks to snap the rut I had been in since early September.

FullSizeRender (97)

I felt stuck during that time and now I am feeling waayyyy better.

NOW, I know the next two weeks will be a little bit tougher. Now again I don't have any real parties to go to, but there are some family traditions and just changes in my normal routine.

So I will commit to tracking this week, weighing in on Wednesday and doing the best I can. I am already mentally planning when I want to splurge and when I will get extra activity in.

I will take whatever happens on the scale this week, practice self-forgiveness and enjoy the time with friends and family!

But for now I am wicked proud of myself and am going to head off and do a little happy dance. Yay extra APs! ;)


How will you be handling the Holidays when it comes to your weight loss journey?