Face It Friday: Feelin' It 12/12/14

I've been at this weight loss game since birth. I was born over 10 lbs. Yes destined to be a Weight Watchers member from day one. It's been over 5 years since I walked into my first WW meeting and almost 3 since I moved to the other side of the scale as a Leader.

So why hasn't it gotten any easier?

Oh I know!

Because for me this whole weight loss and healthy living journey is more emotional/mental than physical. It is more than eating the right foods and portioning out my snacks. It is about dealing with the WHY I turn to food when happy/sad/angry/bored/you name it! And that is why for me this will be a life-long journey to take control of those inner demons.

But I continue to win as long as I keep trying.

After a little gain last week, I was determined to right the ship this week. I went into my week wicked motivated by my amazing Weight Watchers members. I let that motivation and inspiration pour over and be ever present in the front of my mind.


And for maybe the second time this year, I came out of the week in the positive. That is right folks. You read it here. I had points left over.

FullSizeRender (89)

Now that the shock is wearing off. I can tell you it was an proud feeling. I merely wanted to prove to myself that it could be done.


There were some realizations this week:

^ Cut alcohol down to 3 drinks this week and only on one specified day (following the Santa Hustle half marathon) That was tough. So I replaced with a nightly hot cocoa from the Keurig (2PPV). Now quite the same, but still a way for me to sit back, reflect and end the evening.

^ Earned 90+ Activity Points for the first time in almost two months. PLUS I hit 1,000 miles for 2014 last night (12/11)!! <<Raise the roof>>


^ Weighed, measured, tracked and OWNED a 17-point snack attack that occurred Monday Night. Accepting what happened allowed me to more easily get right back on track the next morning instead of letting the guilt hang over me. Which would've led to further bad choices.

^ Shared my slip-ups with my members and readers allowing me to again release the guilt.

^ Did my weekly walk with my friend and fellow WW Leader Susan. Now this is a weekly occurrence but on Tuesday it was downpouring so instead of canceling we came up with a plan B. We walked the floors of Macy's (leaving our CCs behind) for almost an hour. So we got our weekly check-in, which I so desperately rely on now!

^ Asking myself "How am I feeling right now?" before I eat something. Most of the time for me my choices are driven by emotions rather than actual hunger. This pause to check in with myself and my emotions can catch a slip before it happens.

^ I do make a difference in my members lives. I received a sweet gift from a member on Wednesday and it totally touched my heart and has left a huge smile on my face all week long.


^ Overall feeling better, more in control and happier. I felt so blah the past couple months and I am happy to report slowly, but surely that is starting to turn around. :)


Tomorrow marks the beginning of Boston Marathon training with Tedy's Team (donate here). I wanted to go into the training feeling good about myself and my weight ... as I did for the Half Ironman back in September. I am proud to report that I am. I still have work to do. 1.2 to lose to be back in Lifetime range and 3.2 to go to be back at goal. But I am closer than I was back in June and have more resolve now.

FullSizeRender (90)

I cannot believe I am beginning training for my 7th marathon. When did that happen? I never thought I would run 1/4 of a mile let alone set out to CHOOSE to run 26.2... for fun!! :P


Do you stop to check in with your emotions before making a food choice?