Tedy’s Team Group Run – 8 Miles (12/20/14)

So remember that time (last week) where I promised to start doing strength training? Yeeahhhh I dropped the ball on that! Big time! I need to make it more of a priority this week and stop finding excuses not to just because it makes me nervous.


But I am looking to a new week and feeling confident I can make it happen... as long as I make it a priority.

This morning called for an 8-mile run with the Tedy's Team crew. Meg (my teammate and weekly ride) wouldn't be in attendance so I needed to be my own accountability to get to the run. My lovely wife offered to drive me - Thanks Babe!


And of course I was running late, but I made sure to remember my Garmin. Success! We got to Kenmore Square with just enough time to get in a quick foam rolling session before the run began. Phew.

I layered up, threw in some extra dynamic stretches and headed out. Most of the crew had already left so I would be flying mainly solo for the run. Now there are always folks along the sidewalk as we do an out and back route for the 8-mile run so I wasn't really alone alone.

It would just be me and my thoughts... scary!

I clicked Start on my Garmin and was off. As I mentioned before, I love the familiarity of running the same streets and routes for the third year. I can truly zone out and not worry about taking a wrong turn. Well let's revisit that again when the distances start getting higher than 14. ;)

Overall my body felt good under the shining sun, but my stomach was angry. I ate too much last night - not following my normal Friday night routine - and I was paying the price. It was a little reminder to not let others sway me from the plan I had set. Now I could say they were being food pushers, but really I wanted the Pizzeria Regina food. I hadn't been there in months. So I have no one to blame, but myself. Lesson learned - moving on.

Mile 1: 8:34

Oh first mile was a little faster than I wanted. I was hoping to keep the run at an even pace in the high 8s/low 9s. I have learned that when left alone I am not good at pacing myself. I need a buddy to keep me in check.

My legs were feeling a little heavy as I made my way through Brookline. It was only that one mile though. It was odd.

Just before Mile 2, I hit the water stop. It is always a great sight to see familiar faces waiting for you.


Oh hey Margaret!

Mile 2: 8:50

After a quick pick-me-up from some great folks, I continued on. For some reason the mind wasn't in it today. I knew I needed the run, but the mind wanted to just skip it. I also knew that I would be happy I did it once it was over, but in the moment I was having a tough time motivating myself.

So I refocused on WHY I was out there and pushed through putting one foot in front of the other.

Mile 3: 8:33

Once through Coolidge Corner, we continued by the Reservoir towards BC. The turnaround point for our 8-mile is an entrance to BC. As I headed around the Reservoir, I was brought back to June when I was there last for the Heartbreak Hill Half weekend with some amazing bloggers. Those memories made me smile and pick up the pace.

Mile 4: 8:25

Just before I turned around, I was running in the bike lane and got angrily honked at my a passing car. Ummm hi lady I was right in the middle of the bike lane and nowhere near you so simmer down. <>

As I ran back towards the Reservoir, I had a mini celebration in my mind over being 22 lbs lighter than when I was here in June. Yay! I wish I never gained that much back, but such is life. I am happy I was able to retake the reigns and move forward. Being in this area in June was awesome, but I was uncomfortable in my own skin. Today I ran those same roads with confidence and pride.

FullSizeRender (98)

Mile 5: 8:23

I passed back through Coolidge Corner and was almost taken out by a woman and her dog. She didn't look where she was going before stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to put her dog down. I had to do a sweet little turn to get around them without tripping on the dog leash.

Unfortunately the crowds are a tricky thing to navigate on the back part of the route since more folks are out heading to brunch or to the store than when we start the run. It becomes a lot of bobbing and weaving unless you want to run in the bike lane. I selectively choose the bike lane since I don't like to be in the way of the bikers either.

I stopped back at the water stop. I stopped to chat with Lauren, Sr Director of Tedy's Team, and ended up being there for a good 5-10 minutes. I finally turned to Lauren and said: "I should probably finish this run. Only at 5.69 miles." Ha. Oops!

So off I went...

Mile 6: 8:25

With two miles to go, I was feeling great besides the pain in my left hamstring, which I have grown accustomed to since May. The Tedy's Team coach and I are going to work on strengthening the hamstring to help lessen the pain.

I'm not sure what happened during Mile 7, but I was feeling magic. I was also picturing myself crushing my goal for 2015 Boston Marathon and that might've affected my pace.

Mile 7: 8:04

The final mile of this run is along Mile 24-25 of the marathon. Now this incline on it's own wouldn't be so daunting, but at that point in the race it looks like a mountain!

FullSizeRender (99)

Flashback moment to Mile 25 of this year's marathon when Christine, Tom and I powered up this sucker together to make this awesome shot happen.


Knowing there is a sweet view of the city and Fenway Park at the top of the incline doesn't hurt either.

FullSizeRender (100)

Man I love this city. I am lucky to be able to run here. :)

After a quick run through Kenmore Square, the run was done.

Mile 8: 8:07

I finished right in front of the Joint Ventures door. Perfect!


I made my way upstairs to get another foam rolling session in before heading to Dunkin Donuts to wait for my wife to pick me up. :)

FullSizeRender 2

Now I definitely didn't run as consistently as I wanted to so that will be my focus for next week's 10-miler. I should have some folks to run with which will help keep me in check!


Week 2 Workouts:

Sunday, December 14: 3.1-mile run & 1.5-mile walk Monday, December 15: 2.9-mile run & 60-min cycling Tuesday, December 16: 3-mile run & 45-min walk Wednesday, December 17: 5-mile run Thursday, December 18: 4-mile run Friday, December 19: 5-mile run Saturday, December 20: 8-mile run, 60-min cycling & 2-mile walk

Goal for next week? AGAIN - Adding in strength training and additional cross training. This week was lacking in both - AGAIN!


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