Weekend Wrap-Up: #FaceItFriday, Tedy's Team 11-Miler & More Snow

Gah!! I was so busy having fun this weekend that I TOTALLY forgot to post about both #FaceItFriday and my Tedy's Team group run. Soooo using today's snow in Boston as an excuse to settle in and catch you all up. Ya know if case you haven't also been following my adventures of Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Well let's start at the beginning.

On a September afternoon in 1982, I was born...

Oh oops not THAT beginning. My bad all. My bad.


On Friday I woke early to get myself ready for my weekly weigh-in. I had a great week and hoped the scale reflected that, but I know the scale can be a fickle beast. I stepped on cautiously.


Woah! Down 2 lbs and under goal for the first time in ages. It was my lowest weight on the scale since August 2013. Hollah!

I righted the ship after 2 weeks of small gains. With marathon training tracking keeps me fueled, focused & not giving in to the Rungry Horrors that can attack after a long run or intense cross-training workout!

Also didn't give in to emotional eating this week. I'm asked all the time if I eat my APs (activity points) & you can see I use WPs & APs.

The morning continued with a special delivery: My 2nd Annual Stop Stroke Shuffle 5k medals.


How awesome did they turn out???? They even glow in the dark. Oh snap they do!

After leading my final Weight Watchers meeting of the week and finishing up the WW paperwork, I headed out for my #FridayFive run. I headed to Assembly Row (Somerville) to test out alternative routes for our Happy Soles 5k Run/Walk on the Sunday.

With over 60 inches of snow in the Boston area over the last 30 days, we've had to get creative when it comes to running routes.


Splits: 8:12, 8:10, 8:25, 7:59, 7:55

I slipped and slided my way around the Assembly Row area until I had four possible routes. I celebrated with a delicious Slumbrew Porter Square Porter and some arts and crafts. I had to dress up my koozie.


Further confirmation why the wife is in charge of my running costumes. Oof.

The wife and I had a nice relaxing Friday night watching some Big Bang Theory with my parents. We had some bad news delivered that one of our pups, Laney, will have to go in for surgery March 6 to remove four tumors from her knees. :/ Poor pup.

Saturday means Tedy's Team long run day. On the schedule this week? Another Riverside run. This means we take the T (train) from Kenmore Square to the Riverside stop in Newton and run our butts back to Kenmore. It comes out to just over 10 miles and you get to tackle the entire 3+ mile span that is Heartbreak Hill.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender2

It happened to be a balmy 20 degrees (real feel 12) and the hill was a buzz with runners also training. I love the feeling when out there with hundreds of other folks putting in the work for the Big Show. Plus most of the folks are also charity runners.

I also love seeing the Newton Firehouse, which marks the start of Heartbreak. On this day, two firefighters were out cheering on runners and offering up some much-needed water, Gatorade and snacks! :)

FullSizeRender3 FullSizeRender4

While the true reason for the long runs is to train and prep for the race, I love seeing familiar faces especially when they are my Tedy's Team crew. It is truly the highlight of my week.


Lisa - my triathlon training guru


Margaret - the best cheerleader and water stop volunteer ever!

My thoughts on my 11-miler (I extended it so I could end right in front of Dunkin Donuts): Best run EVER on Heartbreak Hill in the three years of training for the Boston Marathon!! Woo hoo!


After a shower and a foam rolling session, the wife and I opted to go out to lunch. PF Changs won since we had a $50 gift card. We both chose the lunch portion, which really helped with portion control.


I ate my peppers for the first time. Yes yes I am a picky eater who is trying to branch out little by little.


But that fortune?!?! LOVE!

We had a pretty low-key evening as I did some work from home and tried to snuggle the pups as much as possible. Snuggling pups is good for the soul!

Sunday morning called for more puppy snuggling before embarking on a pre-Slumbrew run. With additional snowfall, I needed to get out to make sure at least 1 of my 4 alternative routes would be safe enough for our participants. Thankfully the main roads around the outlets were decent enough that we could do loops around. I let folks choose 1, 2 or 3 loops since each loop was roughly 1 mile.


I was so proud to see 12 folks - half new - brave the weather for a fun morning run. Oh and belgian waffles and beer! Mmm...

While I wanted to stay and play with everyone all day, adult duties were calling. We had to head to the grocery store to make sure we had enough healthy food in the house for the impending 10-24 inches of snow. Ummm yay?

After tackling the grocery store, putting food away, cleaning the house, starting some laundry and knocking out 1.5 mile walk on the treadmill, it was time to call it a night... but not before I shared this awesome news!


Ahhh all official! Yay! Wicked pumped to be running my 3rd Boston Marathon with Tedy's Team in 2015.

My three-year fundraising total has combined to raise $21,528 to #FightStroke! Absolutely amazing and inspiring!! :)


Wow! I look back at that weekend and saw DAMN I am one lucky person to have such motivating people in my life.

What was the highlight of your weekend?