Tedy's Team Group Run: 12 Miles (3/21/15)

I've been slacking in the weekly long run updates. I know you are all losing sleep over these so I apologize for calling you all insomnia by constantly hitting refresh on the blog and not seeing an update. Please know you can always follow my adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! ;)

The past two weeks have been trying as I was sick with bronchitis. This resulted in being sent home from March 7's 10-mile run after 5 miles and tackling last week's 18-miler on my treadmill.


I took the 18 miler in 5 separate chunks on the treadmill. 4 sets of 4 miles and 1 set of 2 miles. I did this for a couple of reasons: 1) I would be BORED if I tried to run for almost three hours on the treadmill consecutively and 2) With bronchitis still looming I wanted to check on my health in between each set. I set out to run with 18 as the goal, but made sure to let the body dictate what would actually happen. I was proud to see if hold up for all 18.

So this week I really looked forward of getting back outside for the 12-mile long run with Tedy's Team. With some problems with my contacts this week, I had to run in my glasses, which I am not a fan of. Pair glasses with snowfall lead to a grumpy me pre-run. I was really hoping the grumpiness would cease once I started running, but unfortunately it was still lingering.

Mile 1: 8:48

The grumpiness went to the next level when my Garmin stopped locating satellites just after mile 1. Ummm I was outside in the street and not near a bridge or anything so I was perplexed. I kept running and the mile total didn't budge. I decided to stop, text the wife my annoyance and shut the Garmin off. Thankfully when it turned back on it was back to functioning.

So I soldiered on.

I tried to put it all into perspective and remember why I was running to begin with. Each attempt to turn the mood around was squashed. Hey sometimes you just have those days/runs.

Mile 2: 8:55 Mile 3: 8:47

The plan for the day was an out and back on Heartbreak Hill. This would be my first hill work in two weeks thanks to that bronchitis. And let's just say I was feeling it. Which is why...

#RunningMakesMeFEEL ... HUMBLED!

Oh boy! I felt like I had never run a hill before. And we were running Heartbreak backwards first which meant it was mainly downhill. Oof!

Mile 4: 9:07 Mile 5: 8:24 Mile 6: 8:27

At the halfway mark, I stopped and chatted with the Tedy's Team coach about my training and goals for Boston. It was great to catch up, but I realized I needed to stop talking and start running back! I didn't need to just sit out and talk with the snowfall increasing.

The snow was more of a hail situation. My glasses were completely fogged over and covered so I tried to run little spurts without them (when safe). But the hail was stinging my eyes. Again nothing that would make the world stop spinning, but frustrating when trying to focus on not slipping on the snow and being able to actually see the road.

So my return running Heartbreak the normal way was tough, but I was too busy worrying about everything else that I didn't really pay attention at all to pace or how I was really feeling on the hill. Good thing? Yes in this instance. All of a sudden I snapped out of the "focus on the ground mode," looked up and realized I had made it over the worst part. Woo! It would be all smooth sailing after that. High five to myself! And yes I really did high-five myself at the top. You know, because I'm cool like that. :P

Mile 7: 8:30 Mile 8: 8:19 Mile 9: 8:07

Not really sure where the speed came from today. It could be from being cooped up inside on the treadmill for the past couple of weeks or just the anger/grumpiness. But either way I felt good the entire run.

And then there were cupcakes. That's right! Margaret from Tedy's Team had leftover homemade cupcakes from her family's fundraiser the night before. Some folks thanked her and asked for one post-run.

Me? I dug right in to a chocolate/salted caramel cupcake.


It was AWESOME!! I immediately put it in my Weight Watchers tracker and moved on. Worth it? Absolutely. Plus how many people can say they ate a cupcake mid run?

The final three miles of the run was more of the same with a fight between hail, fogged glasses and stingy eyes. You just have to roll with the punches. BUT it did take my mind off the run itself.

Note to self: Never wear glasses during a snow run again!!

Mile 10: 8:23 Mile 11: 8:10 Mile 12: 8:09

Well it looks like that cupcake was good fuel for the final 2.5 miles of the run. Huh? ;)


I ended my run right at Dunkin Donuts and enjoyed an iced coffee while waiting for the wife to pick me up.

So yes the run made me feel humbled and grateful! While it wasn't the run I wanted, I am thankful to be healthy enough to run.

Plus this extended my run streak (#WOMSStreak) to 148 days! Cah-razy!!


Now I pushed through a tough run, how about a special donation to Tedy's Team?? My three-year fundraising total is at: $22,585.

Let's try to round that number up to $23k with a donation here - $415 to go. :)

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