Join Me For The "Virtual 5k for 5p-": May 3-9

I love running. I love raising money and awareness for charities. I love virtual races. Therefore I am all about the Virtual 5k for 5p-.


Now when I was first asked to participate in the race I didn't know what "5p-" was. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Well blog reader and race director Stacey was happy to provide me with some more information.

Each year in the United States, approximately 50 to 60 children are born with 5p- Syndrome, also known as Cat Cry Syndrome or Cri du Chat Syndrome. 5p- Syndrome is characterized at birth by a high-pitched cry, low birth weight, poor muscle tone, microcephaly, and potential medical complications.

"5p-" is a term used by geneticists to describe a portion of chromosome number five that is missing in these individuals. 5p deletion is a spectrum disorder, meaning it may present differently from individual to individual.

Founded in 1986, the 5p- Society's mission is to encourage and facilitate communication among families having a child with 5p- Syndrome and also to spread awareness and education of the syndrome to these families and their service providers.

This first ever Virtual 5k for 5p- is set for May 3-9, 2015. In addition to being an event for International Cri du Chat Awareness Week, the Virtual 5k for 5p- allows for EVERYONE of all ages AND abilities to participate!


Registration set $5 and you can order a custom designed medal for an additional $5. 100% of the proceeds are going to directly to help the 5p- Society do the awesome work they do! The 5p- Society is recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.


About This Event A virtual 5k is just like any other 5k (or 3.1 miles), except there is no official race location. The virtual part of this means no traveling or fighting crowds. It also means you get to choose where, with whom, and even how you want to go that 3.1 miles!

The Virtual 5k for 5p- can be done at any time and on any day during Awareness Week, May 3-9. It can even be done in increments throughout the course of the week! Do you walk to school in the morning, around town during the day, or around the office? Great! Keep track of your distance until you hit the 3.1 miles.

How To Participate Since this is not a sanctioned event, there is no penalty if you are unable to complete any or all of the 5k. However, during Awareness Week, we will be asking participants to post pictures of you on your 5k route. This is completely optional - but since our goal is to bring awareness to 5p- Syndrome, we want to do just that! And by using the special #5pminus5k hashtag on your photos, we will be able to keep up with the fun!

Medals Participants who wish to have a medal recognizing their efforts will have the opportunity to purchase awesome and custom designed medals at time of registration.

If you participate in the IRun4 Program and would like to order a medal for your runner, you will also have an opportunity to do so at time of registration.

All proceeds from the race medals will also be going to 5p- Society. Race medals will be mailed out to participants shortly after the conclusion of Cri du Chat Awareness Week.


So now the fun part - REGISTRATION! :) Just click here to register and join me in raising awareness for 5p- syndrome!