Face It Friday: A Loss, Connect & FitBreak

No you didn't go back in time. It is in fact Sunday and I am just posting Face It Friday now. Are we shocked?

Week One on Smart Points and...





I crack myself up!! :P :P 

I know change is hard, but it is easier when going into it with an open mind. Which is how I handled the switch from Points Plus to Smart Points.

This was a tough week to transition as I had a double-race weekend, which meant (for me) indulging... and beer!

I went into the week saying I would eat what I would've anyway and see how it fit into the new plan.

How did it fit? Poorly. :P But I still tracked everything and took the new Pts values into my memory for future choices. 

Thankfully the points of wine and beer didn't go up. Phew!

I didn't have high hopes for this weigh-in, but I did see a loss.

0.2 lbs - hollah! That is like a stick of butter!

Note: I have no idea WHY the WW app added a second weigh-in for 12/11. I swear I only weighed in once. Anyone else see that?

Little by little I am making my way back to the 160s and after that the 150s! I got this - one day - one meal - one bite at a time!

While the app is slowly making its way back to usable, I am LOVING the Connect feature. Yes I mentioned it last week too, but I really am enjoying connecting with other WW members all over the country. It's another level of accountability, which so many can use - especially this time of year. 

Head over and follow me! Let me know your username so I can follow back. For those using the Connect feature, you can now tag an account in a post or comment and the person will see it. Put the at symbol "@" in front of the person's handle and it will tag them!

I went to my first Barre class this morning with two former WW coworkers and friends. It was a kick-ass workout for sure. The wife asked for a treat (a donut). I splurged and got her the new Snickerdoodle Cronut at Dunkin Donuts. While she doesn't do WW, I wanted to figure out the points just so I knew for the future (because it smelled ah-may-zing)!

19 freakin smart points?!?!?! OUCH! I will take the smells for 0! Thank you. But if you ever find it worth it for you, go for it. That is the great thing about WW. You decide what is worth it for you!

Now this weekend, the wife and I had two dates planned: 1) Seeing Star Wars and 2) Hitting up PF Changs and the Pixar exhibit at the Museum of Science.

For date 1, I made a salad (4sp) and brought it with me to the theatre so that I could indulge in a glass of wine (9sp). I also brought 23grams of Boom Chicka Pop (3sp) to also enjoy.

For date 2, I checked out the PF Changs menu ahead of time, but the choice I made wasn't available at the time. Darnit! So I had to adjust on the fly. Thankfully PF Chang's puts their nutrition facts online so on the fly I could calculate the points of my new choice. 

I opted for the Ginger Chicken with Broccoli (9sp) and brown rice (3sp). It was delicious and filling.

Lastly, did anyone else download the new WW app: FitBreak. It took me a couple of times, but I finally got it to work. 

It looks like a great idea for those looking to sneak movement into your day. You can set the goal and adjust as you need to. Let me know if you try it!!!

So talk to me: what did you think of Smart Points after week 1? I know we all need more time to get used to it, but I'd love your initial thoughts! Share away!