What A Weekend: Running, Friends & A New Bedtime

Just another weekend I didn't want to see end. I feel like a broken record on Mondays, but it is a blessing to have the experiences that make me dread a Monday. Right?

And the past few days didn't disappoint.

Well when I started Friday off with a big gain, it can really play with me mentally... and it did. Even though I expected it, it still lead to some negativity in the headspace and some poor choices on the old Weight Watchers tracker. Now I owned up to all of them and had a little talk with myself about how that pattern helps NO ONE. So let's hope that patterns stops repeating itself. 

The rest of Friday, however, was a joy. Great personal coaching calls followed by a powerful Weight Watchers meeting and an afternoon walk with Laney while Molly was at the groomer before an evening run with my dad. 

It's like having my own Ragnar support van with me every step of the way. :)

Like almost all of my Friday runs, we ended at Slumbrew's American Fresh Beer Garden at Assembly Row. Somehow my dad hadn't been there yet - I know I know bad daughter - and I had to change that.

We each enjoyed a Porter Square Porter and split this delicious pretzel. Carb reloading, right? :P

The wife met up with us on her way home so we all headed home together for a belated Mother's Day dinner.

The last thing I wanted to do on Saturday was wake up early and head to my Weight Watchers meeting, but that is exactly what I did. I found if I just started moving before my brain caught up with what was going on I was set. :P

After my meeting, I came home and helped my mom plant some of her flowers. I have no green thumb like none. My grandmother and mom are both outstanding at it and I just don't have the knack. 

But I can say I am proud of the six flowers I planted.

Since I was running short on time, I quickly headed out for a 4-mile run along the water before the BFF and her family arrived.

After a quick shower and a salad wrap, the BFF and her family were finally here! YAY! This would be the final time we see them until November. She is moving to Utah on May 31. <<insert sad face>>

While the toddler "napped," we picked up our bibs for the following day's Herring Run 5k. We then talked quietly in the living room to make sure the little lady got a full nap in before we headed to the playground.

I feel like every time I go to the park, it is a bunch of non-scale victories (#NSV): sliding down the scales, fitting through the climbing tubes and more! It really made me smile.

Plus seeing how excited Jo gets helps too. :)

The wife made a delicious dinner on the grill - steak tips and chicken - with salad, roasted potatoes and veggies. Outstanding.

Once Jo went to bed, the adults enjoyed a night of Notch and Cards Against Humanity.

I had only played it a couple of times before but man my abs are still hurting from laughing so much! If you haven't played before, I highly recommend it. Note: It can get raunchy! :P

With an early morning wake-up, we called it a night around 10pm. Cool kids I know. ;)

Sunday started out bright and early with one energetic two-year old!

After some breakfast - eggs, bacon, fruit, toast - Sarah and I were prepped for the 5k. And no I didn't eat all of that pre-5k as that would've ended poorly. Oof.

Page arrived around 8:30 and we took the long 8 minute walk to the race. The ladies and I had a great time at the race, which you can read all about here.

Once we got back to my house, Sarah and family had to get ready for her med school graduation form Tufts. So it was time for one final selfie before we said goodbye. Adios until November my friends. :(

With the Slumbrew Happy Soles fun run at 11, Page and I headed out to hang up the signs and make sure we were at American Fresh in plenty of time.

We had a great turnout, awesome weather and lots of new faces! It was a great day for a second 5k for many of the folks in attendance.

After a post-run beer and pretzel, it was time to head home and prep for the week. Oh the joys of grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon. :P 

It was a nice low-key quiet afternoon with the wife after a social weekend. Both the wife and I have had a hard time sleeping so we are working on setting a bedtime. Trying out 10pm this week. I may have to make it even earlier... I'm dragging.

Here's hoping!

What was the highlight of your weekend?