Face It Friday: Disappointment & Thick To Thin Apparel Company

I just can't. I'm disappointed in myself for still sounding like a broken record. No one can get my head back in the game, but ME!!

With this intro one can only assume that I gained this week.

Well you are correcto-mondo my friend. 

Dear WW tracker, 3.8 lbs is not a "bit." FYI!

I definitely DIDN'T expect it to be almost 4 pounds though. This is over two weeks, but still. 


Now I cannot show you the tracker from this week because well I took 3 days off from tracking so it isn't accurate. Yes I didn't even follow through on my own rule of tracking no matter how bad it is. 

This is where I wanted to say "FAIL," but since I preach "Never Failure Always Feedback." I'll just move along... 

Mentally I needed a break from tracking but it didn't work. I fell of the wagon - burned the wagon - then threw the wagon off a cliff.

BUT BUT BUT today is a new day. It is the start of a Fresh Week.

Being 0.2 lbs away from the 160s was the kick in the booty I needed today.

Plus the trend of this weight tracker is NOT okay.

While I ditched tracking Friday-Sunday of this week (the time we were on the Cape), I did get back to tracking on Monday. My Weight Watchers week starts on Friday. I knew I didn't have to wait until today to start getting back on track.

Feel free to replace Monday with whatever day your weigh-in day is!

Feel free to replace Monday with whatever day your weigh-in day is!

So I turned that disappointment into motivation and came up with a realistic action plan for this week:

1) Track everything
2) DON'T end up in the negative
3) Reduce the amount of beer this week and try to keep it just to the weekend
4) Up my activity. While 93 APs this week is great - it is less than I was earning this time last year so I need to up that bad boy
5) I will be out of town Friday so I will weigh-in Thursday to keep me accountable

There are normal bumps in the road and while 3.8 pounds are not the end of the world in the grand scheme of my journey. It is the poor habits creeping back into my routine over the past couple of months that are really grinding my gears.

Bad habits = Negative self talk = Weight gain

Time to break that cycle. I am much more successful when I am in a positive frame of mind.

High-five to all of those folks that reached out today with words of encouragement or sharing their own struggles. We are in this together and we will all succeed.

On Tuesday I wrote a post highlighting five of my favorite small-owned businesses. A reader shared one of theirs in the comments. 

Meet Thick To Thin Apparel company. 

From Thick to Thin is an athletic apparel + lifestyle company designed to fit The Everyday Woman. Driven by a passion for fitness and the belief that every body – no matter how tall or short, fast or slow, thick or thin – deserves comfortable and functional athletic apparel that helps them feel as good as they look, From Thick to Thin is dedicated to changing public perception and portrayal of the concept of “the female athlete” from exclusivity to inclusivity.

Thick to Thin offers sizes from XS-5XL and feature tanks, tees, pants and accessories. While based in the US, the group will ship internationally for a $20 fee.

Ohhh I think my BRF Page and I need this sweet Dynamic Duo shirt set ($45 for the pair).

From Thick to Thin is a community-driven company. That means we’re about more than just the clothes. We’re about YOU. And because the concept of cultivating a fun and supportive community is at the heart of our brand, our athletic apparel and accessories feature messages that motivate and inspire the athletes wearing our gear and those around them.

Now that I have some downtime tonight, I'm ready to dig in, learn more about founder Ashley and start growing my Thick to Thin wardrobe!

Have you heard of Thick to Thin? What have you ordered so far?