Happy Fourth Of July, #All4Run Recap And Race Discount Codes

Happy Fourth of July Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying a day with friends and family. I'm happy to be relaxing on the Cape with the wife, my parents and the pups.

I kicked today off with Gone For A Run's #All4Run Virtual 4-miler.

I am sure folks were wicked confused while I was running. No not because of my stellar outfit. I do love a good theme. 

But I was running along a big street on the Cape with my bib on and no other runners around me. Ha! I am sure they were confused as to why there were no other runners on this road in bibs. They probably thought I was either lost, the leader of the race or the last person. :P Ha! 

I did get some honks of support and thumbs up on my outfit! Yay!

I tried not to push it in the run as it had more inclines than I expected, but I felt good at the end and wanted to end strong.

Splits: 8:22, 8:00, 8:21, 7:22.

Of course I brought the medal down with me so I could have it immediately AND I celebrated with my post-race beer.

I take my virtual races very seriously! I missed a mid-run selfie because my phone was dead and in the trailer charging. Womp womp! 

Now that the run is done it is time for some fun! :)

A few race discount codes for you all to share! What better way to celebrate July 4th than by signing up for a race:

Biggest Loser Race Series

Use code WEIGHTOFFMS to get 20% off registration for the Killington race on July 26!! For more fun, join our team Weight Off My Shoulders! We would get a sweet group photo!! Just sayin'! :)

biggest loser.png

Race To The Row 5k

Looking for a great local Somerville (Mass) race on August 23 at 9:30am? Check out the Race To The Row 5k

Get $5 off with discount code: WOMS15

ZOOMA Women's Race Series

Race has a Half Marathon and 10k option and takes place September 26 on the Cape.

Use my discount code DANI15 for 10% off.

What are your Fourth of July plans?