What A Splendid Saturday

I've been looking forward to a weekend at home where I could really catch up on life. Well here it is!  

Yesterday proved to be an emotional morning after a disappointing weigh-in. But I was determined to turn the upcoming Weight Watchers week around. 

Friday was busy with work, but capped off by a low-key night in with the wife. Woo!  

The alarm went off at 6:15 this morning letting me know it was time to get my longer run done! I was planning on running 8-10 miles since I have The Biggest Loser Half on July 26 in Killington, VT.


I decided to run 3.2 miles to attend my Weight Watchers meeting then complete the run afterwards. 


The Weight Watchers meeting was motivating and inspiring - just what I needed. 

With a smile on my face, it was time to finish up the run. I knew I would stop after the next 1.8 miles for a celebration. At that moment I would hit 900 miles run for the year. Ssaaayyy wwhhaaa?? Oh yeah! It was a freakin' awesome milestone to hit!!! 


With my mini celebration complete it was time to finish up the run. Oohhh boy was that a mental journey. I was hot, sweaty and not in the mood to run. I don't know what happened to me after those first 5 miles, but my body was not having it.  

I knew it was all mental so I started playing the games with myself. "Oh just run to the next street corner." "At Mile 8, I can re-evaluate." "If i turn here, I can finish Mile 9 at Dunkin and celebrate with coffee."

And THAT is how I got through a trying 9-miler this morning. I'm proud of myself for pushing through and not tapping out early when my brain wanted to! 

In all 9 miles were owned in 1:20:11 (8:55 min/mile pace). The 2015 YTD mileage now stands at 904! 

I took a little downtime in the late morning before heading to pick up my bib for tomorrow's VERT Sasquatch Trail Race with the Slumbrew Happy Soles. 


I opted to celebrate my 9-miler with a beer and pretzel when I picked up the bib at American Fresh at Assembly Row. I'd been guesstimating the Weight Watchers Points for the pretzel, but I wanted concrete numbers. So today I brought my travel food scale with me.  


I learned that the pretzel I was putting 5-6 Points down for was really 14! AAAHHHHH!!!  

But now I know. Right? This weekly splurge will be demoted to monthly. Even splitting it for 7 isn't worth it as my beer there was 7 Pts. 

Once I brought the bib and swag home, the wife and I walked right back to Assembly Row for a date afternoon to see Minions. 

Yes I made her walk there and back then there and back. Hey! She needed extra steps on her Fitbit too! ;) 


It was cute, but not as good as Despicable Me 1 or 2. 

I was on a "let's track this accurately" kick that I brought my measuring cup with me to see how much wine the theatre pour is. 


I'd been marking down 6oz and it was 6.5oz. Not too shabby!! :) 

Just before the movie my cousin dropped off my bridesmaid dress for her wedding. I have had dreams of it not fitting (as I ordered a Size 10). But thankfully I slipped it on after the movie and it zipped.

It's a little tight in the boob area so I am going to see if I can take it out a little bit there.

And yes I know there will be some spray tanning in my future!! ;)

Now it's time to snuggle in bed and get ready for tomorrow's VERT Sasquatch Trail Run... with a few warm-up miles for good measure. :)