Learn To Move, Nourish & Believe Through Lorna Jane's New Book, Inspired!

Recently I've felt lost.

I've been trying to find that spark I had a few months ago. I was focused on training, healthy eating and sleep. Oh glorious glorious sleep.

The simple fact is I had the balance and was simply rocking it. Then...

Ever since the beginning of June, I've felt off. I am standing in my own way. Oh hey self sabotage. I really can't put my finger on WHY it happened, but I am ready for it to STOP happening.

As if there was some divine intervention, I was offered an advance copy of Lorna Jane's new book - Inspired. The book jam-packed with positivity, self-love and delicious healthy recipes was just what I needed. Mmmm snacks!

(Note: I did receive the book for free through Fit Approach and Lorna Jane, but all opinions are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!)

Lorna Jane opted to make Inspired a coffee table book so it would be front and center in the reader's life rather than hidden away on a bookshelf. Smart lady!! 

And it works. Every time I sit down on the couch I find myself flipping the book to a new page to see what message the universe is trying to send me.

I found three main themes flowing through the book: Move, Nourish and Believe.


For me Movement is Therapy. Plain and simple. I find running to be the most rewarding, but I know my body and mind need variety.

So when I was feeling completely overwhelmed with life on Friday night, I pulled out the Inspired book, set up my yoga and slowly worked through some of the poses she shares.

To be honest: I don't think I nailed a single pose, but that's okay. I focused on breathing and how my body felt working from pose to pose.

Now I am not rushing out to me a yogi anytime soon, BUT I loved taking the 10 minutes for me. I can quiet my mind for that length of time without it wandering. Sometimes. ;)

Besides yoga moves, there are also workouts for your arms, back and legs. She even has two pages dedicated to movement that will help you feel calm (pg 97), give you more strength (pg 98) or energetic (pg 99).

I'm really looking forward to incorporating these short workouts into my daily routine.


It's time to nourish not only the body, but also the mind. 

Lorna Jane features a number of recipes for breakfast, desserts and comfort food with a twist. Life is about finding that balance and these recipes offer some great lightened-up versions of party staples. 

I just need my wife to make me the confetti cake (pg 172-173). Oh and about four other recipes I marked off with post-it notes. ;)

With my stomach grumbling, I shifted my focus to nourishing the mind. And there was the quote I needed to see.

"Don't wait for happiness... be happy now!" - Lorna Jane Clarkson

Yes 1,000 times yes. So many times during my weight loss journey I thought: "Once I hit goal I'll be happy." That wasn't the case. There weren't rainbow and unicorns when I saw the "magic number." I learned then and there that there won't be a time when the brain will just flip to a state of ultimate happiness. YOU have to make that flip yourself... any day, any time!

So why not now?


Learning to believe in myself and my journey has ben - and continues to be - one of the hardest things. I've lived in a self-deprecating, negative bubble for so long. I work each day to look at the positives I have to offer.

When I saw this quote on page 59, I walked myself right into the bathroom, took out the book, looked in the mirror and recited it three times.

And you know what? I smiled. A true, not forced or fake, smile.

There are numerous motivating quotes and stories in the book that foster self-love and self-care. Each one gives me a little boost to be more fearless, more outgoing and to love the person I am just a little more every day.

So if you are looking for a dose of daily motivation and love in your life, I highly recommend picking up Inspired. The colors, quotes, stories and recipes will leave you wanting - no needing - to push the boundaries of your comfort zone and to love the skin you are in.

Have you gotten your copy of Inspired yet?