The Newest Snack While On The Go? Plenti Yogurt!

As I travel around Boston leading Weight Watchers meetings and trying out amazing fitness classes around the city, there is always one constant in my day...


Anyone who has followed my weight loss journey knows I like to eat and eat often. I've found over the years the best way to stay ahead of the hangry (angry hunger) feelings is by eating something every 2-3 hours.

This means one thing: my trusty backpack is always full of tasty filling snacks!! I think many wonder if I am really a soccer mom or I have five kids because I am a serial over-packer in terms of food.

Hey! You do NOT want to see what happens when I end up somewhere unprepared. ;)

So what's the latest product to hit the bag o' goodness?

Plenti Greek Yogurt

Since starting Weight Watchers in 2009, I have tried almost every yogurt out there. What I feel sets Plenti yogurt apart are the added hearty bits of goodness like whole grain oats, flax & pumpkin seeds.

Now I know what you are thinking? What are pumpkin seeds doing in my strawberry yogurt. I was wondering the same thing when I first saw that combo. But the seeds and oats add a great punch of energy and protein to my snack! And I didn't find the pumpkin to take away from the strawberry flavoring at all. Phew!

While Plenti Yogurt will run you 4 Weight Watchers Points Plus Values, it is super filling and really works to curb my hunger:

* Between lunch and dinner
* Before or after a workout
* During the "night time" hungry horror period (aka after dinner)

So if you are looking to switch up your afternoon snack or throw a new greek yogurt into the mix, give the gluten-free Plenti Yogurt a try.

Plenti currently has 8 flavors: Black Cherry, Blueberry, Coconut, Peach, Raspberry, Spiced Apple, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Which flavor will you try first?