Already Missing My Tribe

I’m writing this brief post from 30,000+ feet high as I travel to Amsterdam for work for the week.

During the last three weeks, I’ve completed the Chicago marathon, Rock n Roll Brooklyn half marathon and the Newburyport half marathon. I’m not trying to brag at all about the miles I covered, but about what emotions those experiences brought up in me.

I’m going to miss my Tribe, my friends, my crew so freakin’ much when we move.


The people I’ve met in the past 5+ years thanks to blogging, running, Disney, Weight Watchers, and well beer are some of the best souls I’ve ever come in contact with. PLUS they put up with my ridiculous antics during races!


So what am I getting wicked anxious about? 

Will I find such amazing people when we move to Amsterdam?

I can get frozen in fear when meeting new people and I’m thinking that is exactly what’ll happen when the wife and I move. My inner demons come out in full force and I freak out. 

Will they like me?

Will they think I’m weird?

Will I be the lady getting stared at during races because of:

^ how I dress?


^ how I race (aka lots of pics and fun?


^ how I act that is just me being me?

Aaaahhhh this is what plagues my dreams as I push the big life decisions to the back of my mind. ;)

Do I know what will happen? Clearly not at all, but I’d love some thoughts about your own experiences with a big move and making new friends at say 35?

I’ve joined a couple online Facebook groups that have are based on running and triathlons in Amsterdam so I really hope those pan out once I arrive!


*Fingers Crossed*