#FaceItFriday: A 2-Month Hiatus Ends

It's a tale as old as time around here. I fall off the WW wagon. 

The excuse this time? The impending move and work travel.

But I can't blame that. I am the one controlling what goes into my mouth (that's what she said). I am the one giving in to stress/emotional eating rather than using the plethora of other tactics I have in my toolbox to deal with that stress.

So on Monday I made a commitment to get back to tracking this week and facing the scale today. I know I will be out of town for the next 3 Fridays, but going today would help my mindset before 3 consecutive weeks of travel.


Boy I cannot wait until we are settled into Amsterdam and I can create a new routine! Plus I already have the WW location and meeting picked out... well the only one in English. :P

Last night I had all of my stuff ready to go for weigh-in - water, weigh-in dress, sandals, weigh-in book, positive affirmations - and I drifted off to dreamland. Oh I also messaged my friend and leader Tara to give her the heads up that I was coming back and to be gentle. ;) Of course she understands and would be super supportive no matter the number.

I leapt out of bed this morning and took a 30-min walk on the treadmill before heading to the meeting. My knees have been bugging me the last week so I opted out of strength training class for something a little lower impact.

I arrived at the WW center with Dunks Iced Coffee in hand, changed, peed (of course), changed and headed to the scale. 

Okay self, 3 positives:

1) I tracked everything the last 4 days and even hit 100oz of water each day for the first time in too long

2) Since my break I completed a half ironman, a sprint triathlon, Reach The Beach (20 miles), 2 half marathons and a marathon. So it wasn't like I was sitting on my butt doing nothing.

3) You posted a picture of yourself in a bra and shorts on social media on Wednesday. Something you would've NEVER done before joining WW!

Whatever the outcome, I needed to wipe the slate clean.

Up 5 lbs!


OHHHHH-KAY! I definitely expected her to say 15 lbs with the way I was feeling. Clearly the last 4 days of being on track saved me. ;) I kid. I kid. 


I took my tracker and weekly and headed back to my seat (after changing back to my "street" clothes and quickly chugging some of my coffee, of course).

I sat through the meeting and of course marveled how much they change my life and leave me with a more positive mindset. 

It's the same thing I've said countless times.


I hope this time I don't know 2 months without one. Again I know when we get to Amsterdam it will be part of the new routine. That is the nice thing of moving to a country, we will be creating our "normal" from scratch.

My goal for the rest of the time in the US is to try my best. Keeping things like:

1) tracking the best I can

2) drinking 100oz of water a day

3) blogging regularly

are all things that keep my weightloss journey in check even if I can't regulate every situation I am in. Between now and when we leave, we have 2 trips to Disney (22.3 miles and 48.6 miles) and I have 2 trips to Amsterdam and 1 trip to Vegas (19.3 miles). So there will be alot of roadblocks in my way, but all I can do is try and keep my "why" in my forefront.

Being honest with each and every one of you forces me to be honest with myself. I've always said I wish I was one of those people that hit goal and never worried again. I was like that for 2+ years, but since then there have been a ton of ups and downs. But I will keep fighting because I am worth it!