My Fifth (And Final) Stop At #FitRow: Barre N9ne

For the girl that was kindly asked not to return to ballet class as a child, finding myself at a barre is always an odd feeling!

I've tried barre in 2012 when my friend opened a Pure Barre studio. I tried to lift, tone and burn... and boy did it! Since that time I've only stepped up the barre one other time at FlyBarre. So when #FITRow told me it was time to pulse I was ready for another go!


Barre N9ne opened at Assembly Row back in November, but due to work and travel I didn't have a chance to get into the studio until this week.


barre N9ne is the fifth and final studio rounding out the powerhouse of studios that make up #FITRow.


What exactly is the barre N9ne method?

The barre n9ne® method is a focused and proven program of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches. Each class combines elements of Pilates, strength training, and dance fitness movements. Our simple yet effective method utilizing the ballet barre, light weights, and your own body weight as resistance creates long, lean muscles vs compact, bulky muscles. Barre n9ne classes will tone your seat, abdominals, thighs and arms; strengthen your legs and back; and improves posture to produce an overall toned, fit body. Your muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue, then stretched for relief. Therefore lengthening then and creating increased flexibility.

What really drew me in to barre n9ne was the Founder, Tanya's, story! 

From 2007-2010 I spent every free moment I had taking and studying barre classes all over the U.S. There were so many different methods out there to experiment with, just nothing close by! After 13 years of teaching dance and fitness classes I took my entire savings account and huge leap of faith and in March 2010 I opened the doors to barre n9ne Danvers. I wanted to share this incredible workout method with the north shore. My north shore peeps didn't know what barre was back then. barre n9ne was the first barre studio to open north of Boston. I can still clearly remember each family member of mine asking how my "dance studio was going" :) Slowly but surely barre workouts really took off! Nothing compares to the way this workout changes your body in record breaking time- AND it's fun! YES FUN! I promise :)

Alright Tanya you've got me intrigued and I am ready to saddle up the barre once again. It was icing on the cake to go in and support a woman's locally owned business. Bravo Tanya for following your dream.


I entered the studio excited, but nervous. Luckily the instructor, Rebecca, greeted me with a warm and energetic smile. I felt instantly at ease and was ready for the challenge. 

The studio has a great vibe with subtle colors of greys, light pink and teal. It's like they knew my favorite color combo: grey and teal. ;) 

There were bathrooms available as well as a place for participants to get ready for work or a post-class night out at Assembly Row!

Free lockers were plentiful and easy to use. Thanks for the whiteboard so we could mark down our initials & locker numbers. I do this all the time at Flywheel because clearly I can't remember my locker choice 45 minutes later. :P

The studio at Assembly can fit up to 40 participants for a class. The studio offers 11 different types of classes in either a 45 of 55 minute slots. Ohhh I did not realize I was signed up for 55 minute class. Go big or go home, right?


When registering for a class, you will be able to see which type of class you are signing up for and duration.

Whatever we needed for class was already laid out for us before we entered the room, we just chose which mat to set up next to. 


Luckily when I walked into the studio there was my colleague Christine! Okay I instantly felt better having someone I knew in the room. Well until I wondered how badly I would embarass myself in this class. ;) 

We were in for 55 minutes of b9® toned, firm, fit & ready, which is:

TFFR as we like to call it, otherwise known as "instructors choice"! A total body class aimed at targeting those tough-to-tone areas using a variety of equipment to both keep the content fresh and to challenge its participants. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth working for ever is. Put yourself to the test - fitting into your skinny jeans will be your reward! This class may or may not utilize the ballet barre. Safe for all ages and fitness levels.

Alright a little bit of everything just what I was looking for.

We started with shoulders and within about 45 seconds I was feeling it. We used the silver balls, which weighed one pound each. We went through the exercises with straight arms: circles, pulsing with palms up, pulsing with palms down, and pulsing arms back. When we finished the first set through my arms were already burning... and we had 2 more sets to go! Oh my! Thankfully I looked around and others were modifying as well. Some went through the motions without the balls. Some would stop and shake out the arms before rejoining the group. It was a very judgement free vibe.

After shoulders, it was time for the lower body. We laid on our side and I was psyched. I thought this can't be that hard in this position. Oh friends I was wrong... Who knew moving your leg in one in movement could burn so much. I was feeling the leg movement right away - damn you tight hips. While on our side, we bent our legs in 90 degree movement and lifted our top leg up a few inches and pulsed - ohhh boy! Followed that up with lifting the top leg and kicking our leg straight out in front of us. With that leg straight out and foot flexed, we tapped our foot to the ground. THEN we moved the top leg in circles. Only then did sweet Rebecca let us rest. ;) Oh man my leg was feeling it. We did that lovely combo three times on each side of our body. Rebecca walked around correcting our form which I really appreciated since I knew I had to be out of sync a little.

While the moves burned, I knew my body needed it. I never felt pressured to push through any pain and modified the movements if needed. Once we were done, we did a little figure four stretch on our back and stretched out the legs.

It was time to move on to some triceps. :) We used the band for that. We put one end under out foot on the mat and the other end was above our head. Who knew such a thin piece of band could hurt so good. It was a combination of full stretch of the triceps and a set of smaller moves (pulsing). Of course on both sides. We followed up each side with some tricep moves with weights. I went with the 2 lb weights, but could've dropped to 1 and been okay. Ha. 

Before I knew it we were on to our final movement at the barre. It was time to throw in this little baby.


It was time to get into those true barre moves including "high heels."

I was too busy trying not to fall over to snap pics so instead I share some of the true professionals rocking those high heels and pulsing away. I have done these moves before so I told myself I could do it again... and I did!!! :0)

I survived the 55 minute class and while I wanted to quit a few times, I dug deep and finished. I didn't try to play a hero and modified when needed. Rebecca was a great motivator and kept the movements fresh and the energy up. I'd highly recommend taking a class with her!

If you are interested in checking out the barre n9ne studio at Assembly then take advantage of this deal: 3 classes for $30 special. Since they have barre, mat and cardio classes they feel the 3 for $30 is the best way to be able to try out a few different class types to see what you like best! And I couldn't agree more. It is so tough to judge a studio based on just one class.

Here are some additional class package options:

After the 3 for $30 if you don't want to be in a membership/contract you could choose from a 5 class package or 10 class package or of course single classes!

Email and tell them you heard about barre n9ne from Weight Off My Shoulders and save $10 on a 5 of 10 class package!

barre n9ne also offers some membership options which have a 3 month minimum commitment. 

These options can be used at all 4 locations! 
Basic Membership: 4 classes/month, renews monthly: $69 ($17.25/class)
Premier Membership: 8 classes/month, renews monthly: $119 ($14.87/class)
Elite Membership:30 Classes/month, renews monthly: $165 ($5.50/class)

For our Somerville location we offer a new client introductory one month of unlimited classes with no contract for $149! 

The more you tuck, the more you save!

The studio also has a variety of specialty packages such as new moms and bridal packages! 

So I need to know... will you meet me at the barre???