My Fourth Stop At #FITRow: CycleBar (Coming Soon)

The day after Christmas a party on a bike was exactly what I needed... and what I got at CycleBar!


CycleBar is the final studio joining #FITRow at Somerville's Assembly Row.


Since Cyclebar isn't officially opening at Assembly Row until February/March, I took the trek (okay only 40 min drive) to Wellesley to test out what this CycleBar spin studio is all about. 

Please note: I received complimentary entry into this class as the Fitrow ambassador, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Before #FITRow made the announcement that Cyclebar would be joining the studios in Somerville, I had never heard of this studio and had no idea it was actually a franchise.

The Cyclebar in Wellesley is the only one in Massachusetts until Assembly Row opens.


CycleBar keeps their mission simple:

  • Create a fun and accessible experience for riders of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Ensure each CycleBar® ride is an unparalleled multisensory, intoxicating journey.
  • Hire and retain the very best people.
  • Fuel each ride with amazing music, energy-enhancing video graphics and rider-specific performance data in a state-of-the-art CycleTheatre®
  • Deliver concierge-level service and an exhilarating experience that goes far beyond a great cardio fitness workout.
  • Rock the ride, each and every time.

It is all about you, the rider, being able to:

"Rock The Ride!"

I've taken a LOT of Spin classes at many different studios and was even certified as a Spin instructor so I am always intrigued to see what makes a spin/indoor cycling studio unique.


So what makes CycleBar - CycleBar?

Two things:
CycleBeat and CycleTheatre


CycleBar knows that great music is a key ingredient for an intoxicating indoor cycling class. That’s why they have invested in CycleBeats: a proprietary, state-of-the-art in-house and online music database. CycleStars can create incredible playlists with ease. Plus we encourage riders to suggest songs to their favorite Instructor, it's YOUR class, your music! 

OOhhh I do like when instructors take requests! 


The CycleTheatre is where the real action happens at CycleBar. This cool, custom theatre/studio holds up to 50 custom bikes. You'll experience state-of-the-art enhanced lighting, sound and video systems plus built-in CycleStats Performance Data monitors; CycleBar has revolutionized the indoor ride.

Now I brought myself up to speed on all of this while I waited for the class to let out and my class to fill in. The studio was bustling with that post-Christmas glow of folks enjoying a week off from work, people working off the holiday hangover and those home from college. It was an eclectic group of people and folks ranging in all ages and fitness levels. I always love seeing that type of welcoming atmosphere, especially thinking back to my first Spin class.

Upon arrival, I was given a complimentary CycleBar waterbottle (that I got to take home) and spin shoes to use for class. The studio is compact, but uses the most of the space. It has 50 bikes inside (same amount Assembly Row will have. While I wasn't given a tour, I was able to deduce where the restrooms were - tucked away in the back of the studio. Two changing rooms and two bathrooms were available for cyclists.

I was all signed up for the 10:45 class with Renu. Instructors at CycleBar are called "CycleStars." Classes average 50 minutes rather than the typical 45.

Renu introduced herself before the class and offered to help set up my bike, but with a lot of new riders in the class, I think she got distracted. No worries since I have taken a class or two as I mentioned. I went ahead and setup my own bike.

Renu got the party started quickly. Unfortunately there wasn't an explanation of positions on the bike at the beginning of class. I always look forward to this since every studio has their own unique naming convention. Not everyone calls going out on the bike 3rd position. Luckily there wasn't a bad seat in the studio (stadium setup) so everyone had a clear view to see what Renu was doing.

The CycleBeats kicked in right away. There were two TV screens above Renu's head and they switched between a playlist, the CycleBar logo and an occasional music video. You read that right! We actually watched a music video during the class. I found it pretty entertaining and distracting as we powered up a tough incline.

Now CycleBar uses Schwin bikes, which I haven't seen in a studio before. They have a tech pad on them, but we weren't instructed to turn it on so I left it off. About 8 minutes into class, Renu referenced a range for RPM and I figured it was time to turn the pad on. 

There wasn't a set direction for the class as the music guided the ride. It was a little difficult to hear the cues so I felt a little behind during the ride. It was time to watch the instructor and follow her moves than waiting for a cue. 

About 30 minutes into the class and it was arms time. The bike had a weighted bar in one of the holders at the front of the bike. It was a fast-paced arm track that left me sweating and ready to return to the ride. ;) It was a good burn. We all know how that feels.

The 50 minute ride flew by. It was great watching the people in the room. All reaching for their goals. Some pushing the pace while a few others opted to take the ride in recovery mode. There was no competition and no judgement, but a team sense of having fun and making it to the finish line.

We had a good stretch on the bike before taking one final breath and embarking back into the real cold December morning.

There are eight different types of indoor cycle classes that CycleBar offers and their schedule reflects which class you are signing up for. I spotted a Bruno vs Beyonce class (theme ride) on the schedule that I would be front and center for!!!! In addition to seeing what type of class you are registering for, but you can also see the bio of the CycleStar (instructor) to make sure they are a match for what type of ride you are feeling that day.

OOOHHHHH and Wednesday night at the Wellesley studio they have a "WINE DOWN" Wednesday ride... hello CycleBAR! ;) Here's hoping that bring that to Assembly Row as well. :) 

Co-owner, Bill, shared this with me: "One of the hallmarks of the CycleBar brand is that we provide (and encourage) a variety of class styles from our instructors. If you were to take multiple classes you would see a variety of styles……with some basic commonalities: Rhythmic riding to music, high energy segment, variety of tempos and elements."

So if you are ready to Rock The Ride, CycleBar is for YOU! The studio at Assembly Row will open in February/March. If you are looking to check out CycleBar Assembly Row, sign up for the newsletter for the latest!

When you are ready for your first ride, be sure to take advantage of their first ride for $10 AND the new rider class if you are brand spankin' new to spin...

Now who will be hitting up the CycleBar at Assembly Row?