SUPERB Sunday: Half #50, Splurge Meal, Friends AND BEER!

Don't fret friends this is not the recap of this morning's half marathon. Haha. I am NOT that organized. 

Honestly I give credit to my blogger friends that can blog about a race on the same day it happened. I thought about attempting to do that today and 1) fell asleep on the couch and 2) got distracted by Disney Emoji Blitz! C'mon that game is ADDICTING! :P 

And since I am inching closer to my bedtime, I just want to share some snippets of my amazing SUNDAY!

This Sunday could've only gotten better if the wife was there to be a part of it instead of on a 6-hour flight to San Francisco for the week. Also I am jealous she is in SF without me!

February 26, 2017 will go down as the day I conquered half marathon #50. I ran the Hyannis Half with my friends! 

In February 2006, I ran this race as my first-ever half marathon. My dad and I took on those 13.1 miles together with snow falling. Last year I ran the race in honor of the 10th anniversary of my first half. So naturally it made sense to return to the scene of the crime for #50! ;) 

When looking back at my running career, it is interesting that I ran half #1 in 2006 and didn't tackle #2 until August 2011. So 49 of my 50 half marathons have happened since 2011. Crazy! 

I was honored to be surrounded by so many friends today. Some tackled the 10k and full options while some came for a picture filled 13.1 miles with me.

Either way it was amazing to have such an awesome group of runners and friends by my side to celebrate. While Nancy wasn't able to run with me - like in 2016 - she and her girls were out in full force on the course. And saved my run by giving me delicious Teddy Grahams during Mile 10. 

I mean is this the cutest cheer squad or what?

Once Page and I finished the run, we met up with Susan who ran the 10k and made our way to Seaside Pub for lunch. This would be my first splurge meal since re-starting Weight Watchers and my first alcoholic beverage and french fries in 33 days!

This duo was worth Every. Single. Point!

While I normally don't like to deprive myself of anything during my journey, I needed the past 33 days to get #Back2Basics and perform a little detox on my body. 

My game plan for today was to allow myself to splurge, enjoy every bite of it, track the points and accept the numbers whatever they were. Since I am working on fueling for working out as well I made sure to track everything I had during the run too.

While this was a tough number to swallow, I know the number would've been much worse if I wasn't tracking and being mindful the rest of the day after the splurge meal.

Once I was home and showered on the couch, I even got to catch up with my BFF on the phone, which was exactly what I needed to make this day even better.

Thank you all for your well wishes on today's run. I've loved the first 50 half marathons and I can't wait for the next 50! :)