#FaceItFriday: How Have The Last 3 Weeks Gone?

Well dear friends I have dropped the ball on blogging the last 3 weeks. Basically as the Marathon approached, I got totally sidetracked then promptly got the flu so I pretty much didn't do anything besides hide in bed/on the couch.

Soooo what happened the past 3 #FaceItFridays. Well I am proud of myself for keeping my streak alive of attending my Weight Watchers meetings and facing the scale no matter what was going to happen. 

I can tell you that my Tracking Streak ended on Friday, April 14 at 80 days. I am wicked proud of that and am ready to get that streak re-started.

On April 14 I ... GAINED! My first gain since rejoining WW on 1/27.

I think the scale finally caught up with me for those times I lost and should've gained.:P Proud of myself for going into the marathon weekend 14.2 lbs lighter, having tracked everything I ate/drank over the last 79 days and overall refocused on "me" and feel 100 times better today than on 1/27. 

2004 vs 2017

2004 vs 2017

As I mentioned above I fully expected to get back on track after the marathon, but the flu/dehydration had another idea. I barely moved and continued to eat like I was training for the marathon.

I was fully expecting a gain on April 21... and I got one.

I promised myself I would weigh in today no matter what. It's just a number. Surprised to only be up 2. But that's 4.8 over last 2 weeks. Done celebrating the marathon and time to buckle down and get back to tracking...

68.6 down from highest - 11.4 back to goal! 

So did April 21 snap me back into reality?

NO! I could NOT refocus myself. I could not get back in control. I couldn't get moving as I still felt the after effects of the flu. My friend thought I might have pneumonia as I still had a nasty cough going on and it was hard to take full breathes. As a result I took the weekend off from activity and basically spent the weekend watching Netflix in bed with the wife and pups. 

I was determined on Monday (4/24) that I would get back to tracking no matter what. I needed to start taking ownership over my choices. 

I did get back to tracking and working on making smarter choices that would help me get to my goal. I got hit by an emotional train wreck on Wednesday and Thursday, which led to a tad bit of emotional eating on Thursday night. Thankfully not hellacious since I didn't bring "bad" stuff into the house, but more than I had wanted to eat. But I tracked it all and moved on.

After a tough emotional week, I contemplated skipping my #WeightWatchers meeting this morning or attending but not weighing in. But as I reminded myself that it is just a number and I needed that action of stepping on the scale as a way of releasing the last week and starting a new fresh week. Always thankful for this "me" time!

I stepped on the scale and Tara let me know... I was down!

Wow! Well that wasn't expected. 

Total Lost: 70 (52.4 with WW)
Current weight: 165.0
Heaviest (recorded) weight: 235
Weight Watchers Start weight: 217.4
Goal weight: 155
Lowest weight: 150.2

Since I barely worked out these past 3 weeks, I will get back to including weekly workout stats in next week's post. Sound like a plan? Good!

But let's see how the months have played out since I rejoined WW.

By Month:

February: -8.2 lbs
March: -7.2 lbs
April: +1.8 lbs

Well April has NOT gone as planned that's for DAMN sure. Wonder why? Let's check the streak trackers... they tell the whole story.

Not enough tracking. Too much booze. Lack of activity.

READY to refocus in May because my goal is to be back at goal by the time we head to Disney for the wife's birthday in July!!!

Overall I am wicked proud of the progress I have made since January and am happy to finally be making the changes I need to get back to the ME I love.