One Week Until Boston...

Can you believe the BIG DAY is just a week away? I cannot wait to travel 26.2 miles through the cities I love, celebrating my Stroke Heroes and making memories each step of the way.

I am honored to have raised $8,633 to #FightStroke so far this season. This puts my overall amount raised for Tedy's Team since the 2013 Boston Marathon over $34,000! WOW!! Thank you all for being a part of this amazing journey and raising awareness for Stroke!

I never stop raising awareness for and fighting Stroke. 

If you haven't been able to donate and have been meaning to, I have another opportunity for you to do so! :) 


If you would like to sponsor a mile in the marathon, follow the simple instructions below:

1) Head over to my donation page - $20 per mile


2) Comment on this blog post with which mile you would like to sponsor and who you would like me to honor that mile

3) Feel good about helping to #FightStroke


1) In Honor of: JPs Team & Jean-Paul Bedard... Donation: Jennifer
2) In Honor of: Joel... Donation: Brenda
3) Donation: Linda Eknoian
4) In Honor of: CR Helliborn... Donation: Colin Briggs
5) In Honor of: Piper Walsh
6) Donation: Dan Flynn and Family
7) In Honor of: Christine Paul
8) Slumbrew Happy Soles... Donation: Steph Koh
9) Donation: Joe Vukson
10) Donation: Joann Carlsburg
11) In Honor of: Dennis Drouin
12) Donation: Sarah Deschaine
13) In Honor of: Shawn Taylor... Donation: Beth Connolly
14) In Honor of: Lifelong running friends fighting against stroke... Donation: Dan Foley
15) In Honor of: Team Casey
16) In Honor of: Jim Minihan
17) Donation: The Holmes Family
18) Donation: Chris Shuttlesworth
19) Donation: The Ashe Family
20) ZOOM Multisport... Donation From: Cat
21) In Honor of: Gelcys (Ms Runner Unleashed)
22) In Honor of: Stanley Davis ... Donation: Sarah and Robert Briggs
23) In Honor of: Terry Daniels... Donation: Linzie Starr
24) In Honor of: Terry Daniels... Donation: Linzie Starr
25) In Honor of: Jim Kirk
26) In Honor of: Gramma and Grampa

Thank you all for your continued support as we head to the Big Day!!