*RECAP* Represent Running's San Jose *Virtual* 408k

I have the honor of being an ambassador for the Represent Running series for a second year in 2017. What you may not know is the Represent Running series is based out of Northern California and I in fact live in the Boston, Mass area.

Well thank goodness the folks at Rep Running offer a remote runner option and I was allll over it!

I got wicked sad when I saw my friends getting together in person to run the San Jose 408k in March, but luckily I was able to take part from 3,000 miles away... just a few days late.

Rep Running really made this #RemoteRunner feel included by shipping me my full race packet!

I would love for the team to send this out before the race takes place so I could run the race on the same day as my friends, but here's hoping that becomes an option in the future. Now I know I could run the same day without my swag, but I like doing my virtual run with bib, shirt and medal in hand.

Now the original race took place on March 5, but I had to wait until March 31 to find a day where I had a 5-mile training run on the docket. 

I planned for a nice #RUNch and as soon as I walked outside it started the rain/sleet/snow. OF COURSE! But I know weather can always vary on race day so I still laced up my sneakers and hit the pavement.

Since I wanted a little connection to the San Francisco area, I threw on my San Francisco Giants All-Star vest from 2007 (when I worked for the team).

I have a go-to 5-mile loop near my house so I didn't even have to plan out a course.

I don't normally run with music, but I am currently in the middle of the Mortified podcast so I put that on as I didn't expect to see many spectators on the course. ;) If you haven't checked out the Mortified podcast, I totally recommend it. I laugh out loud each episode.

I immediately regretted not putting on a visor as the rain/sleet went into my eyes and stung slightly. That's normal right?

After the previous week's 20-miler, I was looking forward to posting some faster paces as I was finally getting over the cold that wouldn't leave.

Before I knew it I had already hit the first mile and was happy with how everything was feeling. 

Mile 1: 8:40

Just after Mile 1, it was time to enjoy a couple of loops around the Mystic Riverbend Park. I spent a LOT of time running loops around this park during ultra training last summer. 

It features paved run and some dirt portions of the path as well. It's a nice break on the knees. 

I hit Mile 2 during the first loop before rocking one more loop.

Mile 2: 8:56

The Riverbend Park runs along the Mystic River and past an elementary and junior high schools. Even the kids were hiding under the overhangs during their recess. :P 

I, however, you can tell by my mid-run selfies, was having a grand old time frolicking in the rain/snow.

I swear that is snow and not dandruff. 

And sometimes the running gods look down on you and you see a mile marker. :P

Mile 3: 8:47

Since this was a #RUNch I was on a tight schedule so it gave me a little kick in the pants to knock out some negative splits on the back end of this run.

But first I needed to snap a little bit of the scenery since I was missing character stops. 

With 3+ miles down, it was time to leave the Riverbend Park and make my way back towards home... or rather coffee! :)

Uh oh - remember how I mentioned not having to plan a course... well here are 2 paths, which to choose? I am lacking signage.

I chose the one to the right because well... that's what I always do. Haha. 

Oh and did you spot the spectators back there in the distance. They were noisy and didn't really offer that much encouragement. Is this getting old? Am I trying too hard? Well it keeps me entertained while having sleet pelt me in the face. :P

And it's too late. I thought I took a wrong turn, but no worries we'll turn it into a photo stop.


Mile 4: 8:20

Oh man only 1 mile to go. It was time to order myself my post-run coffee mid-run. Gotta love technology, right?

Oh as I picked the pace up, the spectators got a little more vocal and attempted to run with me as I passed them. Yes yes I will run even faster to get away from you.

As if I planned it - which I did - I ended my run right in front of the coffee shop.

Mile 5: 8:04

FINAL TIME: 42:47 (8:34 min/mile pace)

Since there wasn't a Finish Line or anyone to give me a medal, I had to high five myself and put my own medal on. I thought about asking one of the people in the coffee shop, but I was already getting looks for walking in with a race bib and sparkle athletic skirt during lunch on a Friday. :P

Anyone that knows me/reads my blog knows I run on Dunkin, but since this was an SF area race - I made an exception and ended my run at Starbucks. 

WOO! Amazing time at the San Jose #408k. I wish I could've been on-site, but I love having the #RemoteRunner option. 

I loved getting an official bib, my race t-shirt AND the gorgeous Finisher's medal in the mail. Maybe next time they can send me the banana? ;)

Personally my #408k race went exactly how I wanted it to. I felt strong and had a smile on my face the entire time.

Will YOU join me as a remote runner for the Across the Bay 12k & 415k race?

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Disclaimer: I did receive a complimentary entry into the race, but all thoughts are my own. Ain't nobody got time for lyin'!