Three Things Thursday: Another Brain Dump After A Hiatus

I feel like a broken record dear readers. I have once again abandoned and hidden from the space I love and cherish and need the most.

I want to thank you all for being here during the good time and the bad and reading when I do post.. and check in when I don't.

I have been in a bad headspace since the Boston Marathon a month ago and I am tired of being and feeling tired.

Sooo let's cover some big news from this week:

1) Deferring my half ironman

It was a tough decision, but I knew it was for the best. I could've pushed myself to finish the half ironman training, but my body and heart wasn't into it. I really didn't think the flu would take so much out of me, but it did. I still don't feel like myself and how I felt back in March.

I am hoping refocusing my attention for the next month is on my health and finding the fun again in working out again. 

The dreaded words - BURNT OUT - have been creeping into my mind and I don't want to let it spiral any farther down the rabbit hole. I need to go into the Ironman 70.3 Maine and Chicago Marathon training feeling rejuvenated and happy!

Operation Get My Mojo Back... is on!!

Special thanks to Sun Multisport and Race Director Mark for being so great about offering a deferral option.

Race schedule seems less stressful for the next month!

May 28 - Boston Run To Remember Half - Starts at 7 am ET

June 10 - Harvest Triathlon (Sprint) - Starts at 7:30 am ET

June 25 - Cohasset Triathlon (Sprint) - Starts at 8:27 am ET

2) Returning To WW

There has been a break from tracking and WW over the past 2 weeks and I am not liking it. I feel out of control and like my routine is gone. I missed my first WW meeting since January 27 on May 5 then had to miss on May 12. This doesn't do well for my mental state. I think if I went into May 5 feeling good - I would've been fine without my meeting. BUT I haven't been. The headspace has been clouded and negative, which doesn't mesh well with my emotional eating. 

Therefore eating has been a disaster over the past 2 weeks. We actually adjusted our plans for this upcoming weekend because I needed that "me" time. 

As I used to tell my members:

When you are struggling, you need your meeting
When you are doing well, your meeting needs you

Time to listen to my own advice!!!

I am ready to face the music... now that I have located my weigh-in dress. :P

3) Letting go of negative self-talk

My friend Dan reminded me this weekend that the way I speak to/about myself doesn't match how I speak to/about others. This is something I have always struggled with. While running Ragnar this past weekend, it was really bad.

Adios self-confidence.

Where you at self-love?

It was all missing.

So I am working on that as well. I KNOW that it will improve as the other pieces of my puzzle come together: more sleep, better eating, workouts I want to do, etc.

Just something I need to keep in the forefront of my mind... FLIP that negative to a positive!

For now I am going to work on that whole getting to bed early and working on sleep. But the lack of posts on this page will vanish as I work on another blogging streak. It was SUCH a positive impact on my mindset and journey back in February so it is time to do it again!!!

Anything specific you want me to cover? Besides a bunch of race recaps of course. ;)