Tedy’s Team Group Run: 20-Miler (3/28/15)

It is one of the BEST days in Boston – the 20-mile training run before the Boston Marathon! This is like a holiday here in the Boston area. And now just Boston itself. It is a holiday for all of the cities along the Boston Marathon course.

You’re probably wondering what the heck I mean. Wellll it’s like Marathon Monday, but three weeks early! The towns do an AMAZING job of making the marathon course safe for teams to train on. It is an extremely motivating, inspiring and humbling run as most of the folks out on the course on this day are charity runners and/or first-timers. The water stops are all sponsored by charity groups/run clubs. And the vibe is just unbelievable.

It’s truly one day I really look forward to!!

So how did my run start? Well with a nice early alarm…


… before getting a ride from Page and heading in to Joint Ventures in Kenmore Square. Our busses departed at 7:30 to take the 30-40 minute ride to Framingham.



We unloaded in a church parking lot in Framingham and ran the last 20 miles of the course.


So with the snow falling and the wind howling, we headed out for a little jaunt. ;) I vowed to stay in the mile we were in and not think about the daunting 20 we would be doing. :)

Page and I started out and immediately got into a nice rhythm.

Mile 1: 8:55
Mile 2: 8:48
Mile 3: 8:56

We hit the first water stop and it was there at the right time. It was nice to check in with each other and the Tedy’s Team coach.


Mile 4: 8:57
Mile 5: 8:42

The weather wasn’t ideal, but we were making the most of it. PLUS we knew Tedy would be at the Mile 5 water stop… and our good friend and teammate Dan.

So bring on the pics!




Yeah Dan had some fun before returning my phone! ;)

Just after a fun water stop visit, we made the entry to Wellesley. Wellesley marks the halfway point during the Boston Marathon.


Mile 6: 8:34
Mile 7: 8:40

While out trip through Wellesley wasn’t quite the same without the Scream Tunnel produced by the ladies of Wellesley College, we still had a great trip through. We enjoyed a Tedy’s Team water stop before seeing the folks of Saucony and taking advantage of their port-o-potty… and snacks!



After another perfectly timed water stop we continued our journey to Comm Ave and Heartbreak Hill.

Mile 8: 9:08
Mile 9: 9:03
Mile 10: 8:54
Mile 11: 8:51

Since we were trying to keep the pace in check today, I continued to check in on our average pace, but didn’t look at the mileage. Until I realized we were at Mile 11 when both Page and I expected to be at Mile 9. Yay! Winning at being farther into the run than expected.

Aaannnddd we finally hit the amazingly motivating guys of the Newton Firehouse. The Newton Firehouse is the start of the 3-mile stretch of Heartbreak Hill. The guys are out every week of Boston Marathon training to cheer on the runners!





Why yes I did make Dennis, Tedy’s Team teammate and Stroke Survivor, pose for a selfie with us! He was loving it. :P

Mile 12: 8:47
Mile 13: 8:34

The fine folks of Joint Ventures had a nice water stop at Mile 13 where we took a quick break before snapping a much-needed pic with Heartbreak Bill (Gorilla mascot of Heartbreak Hill Running Company).


Mile 14: 8:49
Mile 15: 8:51

After dominating Heartbreak Hill I felt the need for Page and I to share our run thoughts to that point via video.

Did you see the snow and hear the wind? ;) Not bad for being able to formulate sentences once delirium had set in. :P

So on race day the spot behind us – BC – has a huge inflatable arch that says:


Without the toughest miles behind us, we vowed to take the final 5 in stride. We did a great job of checking in with each other along the run making sure we were both fueled (Gu for Page and KIND bar for me). I actually found breaking up 2 Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt KIND bars was the perfect fuel for me!!

I felt really strong on the hills. Now my hamstrings were still sore, but nothing unbearable. The same pain that has been kicking around since May 2014.

Mile 16: 8:51
Mile 17: 8:52

We were not in familiar territory with less than 3 miles to go. We stopped for a fantastic water stop with a wonderful layout – thanks Melanoma Society!


Mile 18: 8:54
Mile 19: 9:02
Mile 20: 8:58

We hit Mile 19 when we entered Kenmore Square, so we did an exaggerated loop around Kenmore Square to end right in front of Dunkin Donuts. Yes folks – priorities!! Much of the team made their way towards the Boston Marathon Finish Line to hit 21, but I vowed not to look at the line during any of the training runs this year.

I touched it at the end of last year’s 20-miler and felt a curse over my race. ;) Yes I am superstitious.


We gave ourselves a pat on the back, grabbed our drinks and headed back to Joint Ventures to do a little stretching and foam rolling.

FINAL: 2:57:04

Now we definitely ran a little faster than anticipated, but both of us felt in a groove and neither felt like we pushed it – which is KEY with just 22 days until the Big Show.

Overall the body felt good, fueling plans were executed properly and the snow/wind didn’t hold us or our spirits back!

After the foam rolling and stretching, some of the team headed to Bertucci’s (next door) for much-needed pizza and beer. Oohh it was a delicious feast complete with lots of hugs, smiles and high-fives. There is just something about being with a group of people all fighting for the same cause that invigorates you!

Once home, I took the plunge into the ice bath. I didn’t want to do it, but the Tedy’s Team coach kept telling me to do it to help recovery time. He swore I only needed 5-7 minutes in there.



Well my wine and I lasted 6 and I was DONE. I will report in tomorrow how it worked.

But for now, I am in bed, watching some TV, snuggling some puppies, rocking some compression and getting ready for tomorrow’s Spin class at Velo City in Back Bay!


Special thanks to all who tweeted to me during the run using #DaniRuns20ForFun!! I loved the messages and support!


Oh oh oh and last but not least I loved using my Timex ONEGPS+ watch on a portion of today’s run! The screen was easy to reach, the touchscreen was a breeze (except when the run was terminated after I used that hand to fix my skirt) and it was light weight!



Face It Friday: Emotional Week, NOT Avoiding The Scale & Streaks

To say I didn’t want to step foot on the scale today would be an understatement. Why be afraid of the scale?

Well it was one emotional week which lead to some off-plan food choices and general merriment that happened over the weekend. For the first time in probably years :P I had three social engagements in one weekend. Ummmm yeah I don’t normally have that many in a month. ;) Also not kidding. I don’t have much of a life so really the only times I really get very off plan is sheer laziness.

But anyway… this week was a different situation. From the get go I was all over the map with happiness, sadness, anger, loneliness, boredom, hopelessness… I mean you think of the emotion I was probably feeling it.

Now the entire week was not a bust. There were a few times that I realized I was reaching for food out of anger rather than hunger. So I will celebrate those few instances.

Overall, the week was one that I couldn’t wait to wipe clean. I thought I would just avoid the weigh-in and just start fresh today. Wellll while looking in the mirror Wednesday night (doing my #30DaysOfPositivity challenge), I told myself there was NO reason to avoid weigh-in and to buck up and just get on the damn scale.

I mean there is no reason I should allow this object to dictate my self-worth SO I devised a plan: accountability.

After completing #wwchat and my #30DaysOfPositivity, I vowed to make Thursday an on-plan kick-ass day! Thursday is the final day of my Weight Watchers week and I wanted to go out on a good foot.

And you know what – it worked. Every time a negative thought came in my head, I reminded myself I was only going to be positive.

I also reached out to my Weight Watchers members and told them I would get on the scale no matter what the next day. I have to live what I preach – right?

Then I set a special label for my Friday morning alarm…


Then my friend Justin made an even better one!!


I was all smiles when he texted me this! After reading these, I was actually amped to get on the scale and use THAT as my week’s fresh start.

So this morning the alarm went off, I looked at the finished product of my week.

FullSizeRender (15)

(I calculated that 92 of that 117 came from booze)

And looked at what Friday would bring…

FullSizeRender (16)

… a clean slate!

So on the scale I went and…

FullSizeRender (18)

it was a loss! Sssaaayyy wwhhhaaa??

I thanked the scale gods and jumped off the scale as quickly as possible.

FullSizeRender (17)

Now I won’t be going off and repeating the same actions I took this week just because the scale was kind. Instead I am learning from my tracker (hello feedback) and devising some new strategies to handle emotional eating the next time it happens.


Since the beginning of the year I’ve only missed 3 weigh-ins: 2 because I was out-of-town and 1 because I slept through it. My goal in 2015 was to be more consistent with weigh-ins and tracking and I think the weight record speaks for itself that it is working!!

FullSizeRender (19)

Consistency was also my goal in 2014 and I didn’t follow through. So I’m happy to see Attempt 2 at consistency is starting off on a better foot. :)


In addition to not throwing away the entire week just because I had some bumps in the road, I am proud of the streaks I have.

FullSizeRender (14)

When I felt like everything was slipping away from me this past week, I knew that I had control over one thing: my streaks.

For those wondering: I use the Simple Habits app on my iPhone to track my Streaks.


Now facing the scale when I didn’t want to and tracking my choices no matter what hasn’t ALWAYS been my M.O. There have been plenty of times during this journey that I skipped my meeting and waited a week so I could “lose the gain” or I knew a food choice was soooo bad I “didn’t want to see it.” But over time I’ve realized that doesn’t help me change the relationship with my scale or my food choices.

Now tracking it no matter what or getting on and seeing the gain, helps the guilt or fear pass quicker then before. And it helps me get back on track faster.


How do you motivate yourself to track the good, the bad and the ugly?


Dani Dishes: #30DaysOfPositivity Challenge… Are You In?

On this episode of #DaniDishes, I’m charging you all to join me on a 30-day positivity challenge. Each day you look in the mirror and say 3 positives about yourself!

Are you in?


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Happy Shopping and Registering! :)


Face It Friday: Fighting To Positive, Breaking Even & Losing While Marathon Training

Did you know that you can train for a marathon and still lose weight? It’s true! I’m living proof! :)

Since we kicked off marathon training at the beginning of December I am happy to report I am down 7.8 lbs. Wahoo!

How do I do it?

Well I don’t do anything crazy or out of the norm. I keep everything balanced and in check with my Weight Watchers tracking. Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I find I need to use more of my extra Points (WPs and APs) to make sure my body fuels enough to train and shed weight.

Tracking allows me to keep the RUNGRY HORRORS at bay and give me a rude wake-up call when I pull out the excuse of:

Well I ran today I can have lots of XXXXXX.

Anyone else get that way?

Well the thing about always training for long distances is my body has a HIGH baseline on the Activelink. Soooo a 3 mile run isn’t what it used to be on old Activity Point barometer. You feel me?

With tracking and the Good Health Guidelines I try to keep my splurges in check. To be 100% honest (as I always am with you folks), my week starts on Friday and I tend to be in the negative by Monday morning. That means I go through DPT, WPs and any APs earned.

I then spend Monday-Thursday trying my best to earn enough APs to get back into the positive.

Is this ideal? Hellz No.

BUT I find that it allows me to indulge when I want to with friends (which tends to be on the weekend) and bring it back on track during the weekdays (when I am more boring).

NOW I always listen to my body. Fueling for the race is my highest priority so I do track everything I eat during runs/workouts.

I could cut out wine, beer and fries and be set, but that isn’t what I am about. And hey! I didn’t lose the 83 pounds to give those up completely. That’s just not how MY plan works.

So last week I had the big shocking loss which meant I FULLY expected a huge gain this week to balance it out. I mean I was sick last week so I figured that had to be it.

Well I ended up breaking even on the scale. Weighed in again at 152.

FullSizeRender (10)

FullSizeRender (11)

Still my lowest weight since 6th grade.

This past weekend was challenging as I was feeling healthier so I did more socializing. This meant I was in the hole Points-wise by Monday morning. So for accountability I posted my tracker each day to Facebook and Twitter for support. I didn’t even care if anyone commented on it. I had to put it out there for me.



And it worked!

FullSizeRender (12)

How about that? I even went out and splurged on St. Patrick’s Day with my friend and fellow WW Leader Susan.

st pats

And there was some estimating! I didn’t bring my travel food scale to the bar so we both did the best we could to put something in!

So going back to weekly weigh-ins and sharing more with friends and social media has helped me shed about 8 lbs in 2015.

FullSizeRender (13)

For awhile I tried just weighing in once a month (minimum requirement as a WW Employee and Lifetime Member), but it didn’t work for me. I wasn’t keeping the balance and consistency I needed.


Pro Tip: When I need a little self-confidence boost during the day, I’ll randomly set an alarm with a motivating message! Perks up my mood and puts a smile on my face!!



Have you ever had to fight out of the negative during a Weight Watchers week?


Tedy’s Team Group Run: 12 Miles (3/21/15)

I’ve been slacking in the weekly long run updates. I know you are all losing sleep over these so I apologize for calling you all insomnia by constantly hitting refresh on the blog and not seeing an update.

Please know you can always follow my adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! ;)

The past two weeks have been trying as I was sick with bronchitis. This resulted in being sent home from March 7’s 10-mile run after 5 miles and tackling last week’s 18-miler on my treadmill.


I took the 18 miler in 5 separate chunks on the treadmill. 4 sets of 4 miles and 1 set of 2 miles. I did this for a couple of reasons: 1) I would be BORED if I tried to run for almost three hours on the treadmill consecutively and 2) With bronchitis still looming I wanted to check on my health in between each set. I set out to run with 18 as the goal, but made sure to let the body dictate what would actually happen. I was proud to see if hold up for all 18.

So this week I really looked forward of getting back outside for the 12-mile long run with Tedy’s Team. With some problems with my contacts this week, I had to run in my glasses, which I am not a fan of. Pair glasses with snowfall lead to a grumpy me pre-run. I was really hoping the grumpiness would cease once I started running, but unfortunately it was still lingering.

Mile 1: 8:48

The grumpiness went to the next level when my Garmin stopped locating satellites just after mile 1. Ummm I was outside in the street and not near a bridge or anything so I was perplexed. I kept running and the mile total didn’t budge. I decided to stop, text the wife my annoyance and shut the Garmin off. Thankfully when it turned back on it was back to functioning.

So I soldiered on.

I tried to put it all into perspective and remember why I was running to begin with. Each attempt to turn the mood around was squashed. Hey sometimes you just have those days/runs.

Mile 2: 8:55
Mile 3: 8:47

The plan for the day was an out and back on Heartbreak Hill. This would be my first hill work in two weeks thanks to that bronchitis. And let’s just say I was feeling it. Which is why…

#RunningMakesMeFEEL … HUMBLED!

Oh boy! I felt like I had never run a hill before. And we were running Heartbreak backwards first which meant it was mainly downhill. Oof!

Mile 4: 9:07
Mile 5: 8:24
Mile 6: 8:27

At the halfway mark, I stopped and chatted with the Tedy’s Team coach about my training and goals for Boston. It was great to catch up, but I realized I needed to stop talking and start running back! I didn’t need to just sit out and talk with the snowfall increasing.

The snow was more of a hail situation. My glasses were completely fogged over and covered so I tried to run little spurts without them (when safe). But the hail was stinging my eyes. Again nothing that would make the world stop spinning, but frustrating when trying to focus on not slipping on the snow and being able to actually see the road.

So my return running Heartbreak the normal way was tough, but I was too busy worrying about everything else that I didn’t really pay attention at all to pace or how I was really feeling on the hill. Good thing? Yes in this instance. All of a sudden I snapped out of the “focus on the ground mode,” looked up and realized I had made it over the worst part. Woo! It would be all smooth sailing after that. High five to myself! And yes I really did high-five myself at the top. You know, because I’m cool like that. :P

Mile 7: 8:30
Mile 8: 8:19
Mile 9: 8:07

Not really sure where the speed came from today. It could be from being cooped up inside on the treadmill for the past couple of weeks or just the anger/grumpiness. But either way I felt good the entire run.

And then there were cupcakes. That’s right! Margaret from Tedy’s Team had leftover homemade cupcakes from her family’s fundraiser the night before. Some folks thanked her and asked for one post-run.

Me? I dug right in to a chocolate/salted caramel cupcake.


It was AWESOME!! I immediately put it in my Weight Watchers tracker and moved on. Worth it? Absolutely. Plus how many people can say they ate a cupcake mid run?

The final three miles of the run was more of the same with a fight between hail, fogged glasses and stingy eyes. You just have to roll with the punches. BUT it did take my mind off the run itself.

Note to self: Never wear glasses during a snow run again!!

Mile 10: 8:23
Mile 11: 8:10
Mile 12: 8:09

Well it looks like that cupcake was good fuel for the final 2.5 miles of the run. Huh? ;)


I ended my run right at Dunkin Donuts and enjoyed an iced coffee while waiting for the wife to pick me up.

So yes the run made me feel humbled and grateful! While it wasn’t the run I wanted, I am thankful to be healthy enough to run.

Plus this extended my run streak (#WOMSStreak) to 148 days! Cah-razy!!


Now I pushed through a tough run, how about a special donation to Tedy’s Team?? My three-year fundraising total is at: $22,585.

Let’s try to round that number up to $23k with a donation here – $415 to go. :)

You can also purchase a special Tedy’s Team Sparkly Soul headband ($17) & 10% of the purchase also goes to my fundraising campaign!!

tedys team


Three Things Thursday: Paint Nite, Boston Marathon Text Updates & A Thank You

Three Things Thursday? Hollah!

Okay okay just using the alliteration as an excuse to post about three random thoughts in the same space. Not sure why I need alliteration to make that happen, but I’m going with it. I mean technically this is my blog and I can put whatever topics I want in the same post and no one can do anything about it. So there. So maybe I will. Okay. Here I go.

Wow! Not sure what sort of tangent I took there… but I digress!


My friends and I are hitting up a local Paint Night on Sunday and I am stoked! Now I am no artist as I proved last Spring when I attended the Paint Bar for my friend’s birthday. The Paint Bar is a studio on Newbury Street that solely hosts Paint parties.

FullSizeRender (9)

But I tried. And I had a blast with folks and drank some yummy wine. Sooo overall it was a big win!

This time we are going to JJ Grimsby and Co (a restaurant) in Stoneham through the mobile company Paint Nite ($25 per person through Living Social). There are about 10 of us going show it should be a great time. If nothing else there will be a lot of laughs.

Our picture is titled: CHERRY BLOSSOM BRANCHES


And looks like something I can work with. :) I’ll be sure to take progress pictures along the way so I can turn it into a nice Flipogram. ;)


Do you want to receive text message updates during my 2015 Boston Marathon run? If so,

Text 26786 (my bib number) to 234567

and you will be set!!!


GOAL? No med tent visits!! I don’t want to share any med tent selfies this year!


I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you that watched my #DaniDishes vlog this week (which you can watch here). I always kept my dealings with depression under lock and key until I was one day faced by friends who had caught on to me. Well they started to notice that I was wearing bracelets on my wrists to hide the cutting. I thank them (they know who they are) for helping turn the first page towards dealing with depression and cutting.

Now it is a long and winding road, but as I said I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I thank all of you for helping me find that. I thank this blog for giving me a place to share those feelings instead of hiding them deep inside or shoving them down further with food.

So thank you again for watching, texting, writing emails, sending DMs and just being there in general – even if you didn’t physically reach out.

And remember you are not alone!


How was that for a mish mash of topics? ;)


Share How #RunningMakesMeFEEL & Earn Amazing Prizes Including Newton Running Shoes For Life? Sign Me Up!







These are just a few of the words I can choose to describe how I feel when I run. Now there are some less PG ones as well, but we will leave those to the imagination. ;)

When I share with people – okay strangers – that I enjoy running. The first question is normally: Why? Because I like to drink beer and I would like to keep the 80 pounds I lost off. :P No? Is that not right? ;)


While the initial question is obvious, the follow-up can be anything. My favorite follow up is easy:

How does it make you feel?

When this question is posed I start looking off into the distance, a smile starts appearing on my face and I’m instantly pulled back to a certain day, time, place or race.

Courageous — when I took on the challenge of the inaugural Dopey Challenge, where I completed 48.6 miles (5k, 10k, Half, Full) in four days.

Blessed — to be running at all. After having back surgery in January 2011, I was told I wouldn’t run again. But I proved that doctor wrong.

Confident — enough to sign up to complete two marathons within six days (Boston Marathon and Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon) with Tedy’s Team in honor of my Stroke Heroes.

Happy — to have found something that brings joy to all aspects of my life and has opened so many amazing doors for me and brought the absolute most outstanding people into my life.


Sooooo when Newton Running asked me to take part in The Run It , FEEL It, Spell It Challenge campaign, I jumped at the opportunity.


For those that don’t know Newton Running is a leading performance running shoe brand with the patented dynamic, Action/Reaction Technology™ platform for enhanced performance and comfort. Plus, you can’t miss the colorfully inspired, bold look. Once you feel Newton Running, there’s no going back.

While we know running boasts physical, mental and social benefits, the feel of the experience is what hooks many of us. To be able to feel the ground beneath you and to connect to your surroundings, with the ability to go as far as you desire. To feel free, alive, empowered and a part of something. It’s all about the feel. And that’s what The Run It , FEEL It, Spell It Challenge celebrates.

Newton Running is partnering with Timex to ask runners nationwide to express how running makes them feel by spelling out words with their run routes, launching a first-ever initiative on this scale.

Inspired by Newton’s new feel Campaign and an emerging trend among runners, which has seen a runner in Hampshire, UK propose to his fiancé by spelling the words “will you marry me” with an elaborate running route, The Run It, FEEL It, Spell It Challenge will encourage runners to track their run routes using GPS devices.


I’m ready thanks to my new toy courtesy of Timex Sports!

Runners will then submit GPS map screen grabs – and the words therein – through Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #RunningMakesMeFeel and #promo to win prizes including:

  • A daily give-away of Newton and Timex swag
  • A weekly prize of a pair of Newtons and a Timex GPS watch
  • A grand prize of Newtons for life and a new Timex IRONMAN One GPS+

The Run It, FEEL It, Spell It Challenge kicks off today and will run until May 1. The challenge is open to all runners and running enthusiasts in the U.S. To learn more about The Run It, FEEL It, Spell It Challenge including rules and prizing, as well as a tutorial video on how to participate, visit Newton Running. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


I wasn’t up for an outdoor run this morning to test out my new Newton Running Kismet sneakers so I headed to the treadmill.


BUT this weekend is another story! I will be ready to take on the first word of the challenge…

Run, FEEL, Spell Challenge_Image 1


So what are you waiting?? Get out there and show everyone how #RunningMakesMeFEEL!!


This is a sponsored post!
Mar 2015


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*RECAP* Cambridge 5k Craicfest 5k With Slumbrew Happy Soles

My first-ever 5k was March 20, 2005. A local St. Patrick’s Day 5k in Somerville. So racing in honor of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday is wicked special to me.

So the Cambridge 5k Craicfest 5k on March 16 would be the closest race to my 10-year anniversary! It would now hold a special place in my heart.

How did this girl who was once a 235 lb couch potato become a 28-time half marathoner and 6-time marathoner?

How did I become this girl who would do an 18-mile training run on the treadmill the day before the Craicfest 5k?

I can’t tell you how I can only tell you I’m wicked happy it happened.

Following that 18-mile treadmill run on Saturday I headed to the Cambridge Side Galleria Mall to collect my special bib. Special bib? Yes I registered for the Season Pass for the 5-race Cambridge 5k series. As a perk of the Season Pass, I received a hat and I was able to choose my own bib number. Hollah!!

Since I had the Season Pass I also lucked out and received the “Early Bird” sign-up gift too: a green Craicfest hat and t-shirt!





I kept my tradition of wearing #82 alive. For those that don’t know my Twitter handle is @IrishEyes1982 in honor of being born in – well – 1982! :P

How sweet was that mural? That was one of three murals spray painted in honor of the race. Due to snow the course had to be altered and the after party was pushed indoors. Thank goodness! The race in 2014 was frigid so we all looked forward to drinking beer and enjoying an indoor dance off this year. Eddie, the race director, was able to claim a large portion of one of the floors of the Galleria parking garage to be party central.


With the Galleria just a 10-minute drive from my house, I was able to sleep in/lounge until 8am on race morning. I enjoyed a quick breakfast, loaded up my Tedy’s Team bag with my Slumbrew gear and headed to the race.

I am honored to be co-captain of the Slumbrew Happy Soles, which had 100 participants in the race (2nd-largest team). The Slumbrew crew all pitches in so we made sure to get there early to help set up the pouring station.

Oh did I not mention how the Cambridge 5k race series has four local breweries pouring delicious beer and cider post race? My bad! It’s amazing.

Just after 9am, we decided to leave the warm parking garage and head up to the Start Area. I met Tedy’s Team teammate and fellow Happy Sole up in the food court area so we could head to the Start together.

Page and I each had zero game plan for the run so we planned to run together and catch up. THAT planned worked out well since my Garmin never connected to satellites and I would be running the race “naked” aka no watch.


Amy & I

It’s so awesome to be part of the Slumbrew Happy Soles. Everywhere I turned pre-race I had someone to talk with, high-five and wish Good Luck to!

Additionally with so many folks to talk to, the Start always sneaks up on me. Haha. All of a sudden I look over and it’s time to goooooo!!

I looked at Page, gave up on using my Garmin and we were off.

The course had to be changed for the race due to the 100+ inches of snow we received this winter, but thankfully it was still a great course. Eddie used the Freedom Run course from 2014, which was flat and fast. Besides a tiny incline at the end, which feels like a hill since the rest of the course is so flat. But we live. :P

Page and I fell into a great rhythm. She was a Cambridge 5k virgin so it was great to experience it with her.

The Course: Runners line-up on Otis St. (between First & Second), then proceed left on Second St., left on Charles St. to CambridgeSide Place, left on Land Blvd to Charlestown Bridge, right on New Rutherford Ave ramp, right on Miller Littoral Way. to trails of DCR Paul Revere Park & DCR Northpoint Park, then left on North Point Blvd., left on East St., right on Cambridge St., left on First St., then proceed to the finish line at the corner of First St. & Spring St.

Since I was Garmin free I really had no idea what our pace was. I also seemed to miss seeing every single mile marker because I was too into our convo. Which is a good thing, right?

I was proud of us. We kept a steady pace and neither of us had a hard time talking/breathing/running. :)


We even had time for a mid-run selfie. I mean it wouldn’t be an official race unless I had at least one.

As we took the final right-hand turn and could see the Finish line in the distance, we picked up the pace a little.


Gave the last kick everything we had.

As we crossed the line, I caught a glimpse of the clock. It said 24:47. WOW!! I did NOT expect that.

I gave Page a high-five, swiped a few waters from the awesome volunteers and we headed back to cheer on the other Finishers. Next to running a race, cheering a race is my favorite activity! :)


How awesome is this team costume?

After some cheering, it was time to head back inside for the after party!

I made sure to get my 21+ wristband pre-race so I could get right to the party. Since the Slumbrew Happy Soles were the second-largest team, we had a sweet little VIP area set up next to our pouring station with tables. It was a cool space to hang out with the team and see how everyone’s races went. Oh and get all the pics!!







I mean don’t we look like a team you want to be a part of?? You too could be part of the a Slumbrew Happy Soles.


This is one sexy group of people!!! We are made up of all ages, fitness levels, paces!

Our only requirement?


Trying your hardest to be first to the BEER line! ;)

With the excitement of the team fun, it took me awhile to realize there were iPads set up in one corner of the party where results were posted. So I finally made my way over there to find out…


Page and I kicked some booty and officially finished in 24:21.


Cheers to that! Especially since we had no concept of our pace during the run itself.

Fun fact I finished the 2014 Craicfest in 24:17. Wicked close to matching that.

After finding out the results, it was time to get back to socializing, enjoying the tunes from the DJ, and getting my food on thanks to Swiss Bakers and California Pizza Kitchen. Oh did I forget to mention the sweet free food post race to go with the sweet free craft beer. Yeah! Match made in heaven.


I think we can all tell from the pictures above that I had one sweet time at this year’s Cambridge 5k Craicfest 5k with my Slumbrew Happy Soles.

The race offered: a flat and fast course, water stops, friendly volunteers, great swag, free beer, free food, awesome tunes, a dance party, free race photos, quick access to official results, it benefitted charity (Ahern Family Charitable Foundation) and overall took the runners’ needs to heart.

I give the race two big thumbs up and will surely be back in 2016.


Now what is your next opportunity to participate in the Cambridge 5k series? It would be Freedom Run 5k on June 7th… be sure to register under the Slumbrew Happy Soles for an extra good time.


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