2015 Road Races

Here’s what I have thus far:

January 1 – 1st Run 5k – 23:01 (7:25 min/mile pace) – RECAP

January 16 – Star Wars 5k – Untimed, but Garmin had 27:50 (8:58 min/mile pace) – RECAP

January 17 – Star Wars 10k – 1:01:34 (9:55 min/mile pace) – RECAP

January 18 – Star Wars Half Marathon – 2:55:11 (13:22 min/mile pace) – RECAP

January 25 – 20th Annual Boston Prep 16 Miler – 2:28:36 – RECAP


February 15 – 2nd Annual Stop Stroke Shuffle 5k – 26:42 (8:36 min/mile pace)

February 20 – Princess 5k – Untimed, but Garmin had 26:37 (8:35 min/mile pace) – RECAP Pending

February 21 – Enchanted 10k – 53:32 (8:41 min/mile pace) – RECAP Pending

February 22 – Princess Half Marathon – 2:00:33 (9:12 min/mile pace) – RECAP Pending


March 15 – Craicfest 5k – 24:21 (7:51 min/mile pace) – RECAP


April 18 – B.A.A. 5k – 34:07 – RECAP Pending

April 20 – 119th Boston Marathon – Starts at 10:25 a.m. ET


May 8-9 – Ragnar Relay Cape Cod – Starts at TBD

May 10 – M.O.M.’s Run 5k Walk & Run for Cancer – Starts at 10:00 a.m. ET

May 17 - Mystic River Herring Run (5k) and Paddle – Starts at 9:00 a.m. ET

May 24 – Boston’s Run To Remember Half – Starts at 7:00 a.m. ET

May 30 – Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego 5k – Starts at 7:00 a.m. PT

May 31 – Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon – Starts at 6:15 a.m. PT


June 7 – Freedom Run 5k – Starts at 9:30 a.m. ET

June 13 – Escape the Cape Triathlon – Starts at 8:00 a.m. ET


July 12 – Sasquatch Trail Run – Starts at TBD

July 26 – Biggest Loser RunWalk Killington Half Marathon – Starts at 8:30 a.m. ET


August 23 – Race To The Row 5k – Starts at 9:30 a.m. ET (not officially registered yet)


September 13 – Title 9 Women Only Sprint Triathlon – Starts at 8:00 a.m. ET

September 26 – ZOOMA Women’s Half Marathon (Cape Cod) – Starts at 7:30 a.m. ET


October 4 – Oktoberfest 5k – Starts at 9:30 a.m. ET

October 10 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon – Starts at 7:00 a.m. ET


November 7 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Full Marathon – Starts at 7:00 a.m. ET (not officially registered yet)

November 8 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah 5k – Starts at 1:00 p.m. ET


December 13 – Yulefest 5k – Starts at 9:30 a.m. ET

IMG_8260 (1)


Face It Friday: A Gain & Overall Marathon Training Thoughts

Hey All! Unfortunately I do not have time to grace you all with one of my long-winded stream of conscious posts today.

Why you may ask?

Well I had a great morning of personal coaching calls, BUT it is finally Boston Marathon weekend so I need to prep for the afternoon. The fun fun fun starts at 2pm and shockingly I have a lot to do before then including lead one final Weight Watchers meeting during lunch.

Soooo let’s get right to it. Shall we? Oh and I am already doing a horrible job about NOT being long-winded. :P

I actually weighed myself at home on Thursday before leaving for work because I wasn’t sure I would make it to weigh-in today. Yesterday I was up 1.8 lbs and I let it get to my head. I was angry and hurt. I wanted to see a loss or at least a gain of less than 1 lb. BUT I had committed to tracking everything through that day before taking the tracking pressure off of myself over the weekend.

As a result, I decided that no matter what I would weigh in today as well because well I was curious to see the difference a day could make.

So I had my alarm set – “You are more than a number” – and faced the scale.


Yup up 0.8 – 1 less than yesterday.

FullSizeRender (56)

Hello fluctuation and whatever else mother nature wants to throw at us.

FullSizeRender (54)

Now I wanted a loss, but again I was still in the negative. So a gain wasn’t totally on my radar. Plus I had been losing for the past few weeks when I didn’t expect it.

FullSizeRender (57)

The -/+ represents how over I was on my points for the week. So being down 0.8 over the past 4 weeks when each was in the negative – I’ll take that.

Oh hi perspective I needed you to show up.

I also needed to remind myself that I am a good 20 pounds less than last year’s Boston Marathon, I didn’t emotionally eat this week on the anniversary of the bombing and I am still down during the entire marathon training cycle.

Proud of my progress this marathon training cycle – Not only on the scale, but also in terms of my cross training and my core/strength work!!

12/5/14 – 159.8
1/2/15 – 160.8
4/17/15 – 151.2

I will take all of it!

Plus I rocked some pretty amazing streaks this year as well.

FullSizeRender (55)

So overall I am accepting of the gain – not totally shocked – and ready to turn my attention to a fun weekend with friends and running. Now I am not making myself track or beating myself up if I don’t, but I still will be aware. I mean once you know the Points of stuff you can’t UNknow it, which leads to some subconscious tracking all the time.


So I will walk away from the training cycle with less weight (about 8 lbs), a stronger core, some baby arm muscles and a great mental attitude!!

Thank you all for sticking with me and tuning in to my Face It Friday posts/rambles. I will be weighing in next Friday and will as always take whatever the scale gives me.


How has your mental/emotional state about weight loss changed during your journey?


Three Awesome Local Somerville Road Races – Check ‘Em Out!

It’s no secret that I love racing. I have the pleasure of traveling all over the country to take part in some of the coolest races in the country.

But sometimes the best races are the local ones put on in your own backyard.

Well let me rephrase – some of the best races are in MY backyard!

Let’s see what Somerville is offering this summer… shall we?


M.O.M.s Run 5k – May 10 (9:45 – walkers; 10:00 – runners)



The wife and I have done this race each year since we moved back to Somerville, which means 2015 will be our 4th year. Yes I am doing the Ragnar Relay Cape Cod that weekend, but traveling back in time for the race because I cannot miss it!

In the past 13 years, M.O.M.’s Run has raised over $106,000 benefiting the Claudia Adams Barr Program. A full 100% of the funds raised by M.O.M.’s Run benefits the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, widely recognized as one of the largest and most successful programs of its kind.



This morning is a family affair as they offer a Kids 0.1 Mile Run at 9:30 (nine years and under, $5), a 5k walk at 9:45 ($25, 30 after May 1) and a 5k run at 10:00 ($25, 30 after May 1).

Now in addition to an awesome race and atmosphere – complete with carnations given out to moms at the Finish Line – there is the post-race party!



The entire Davis Square restaurant scene gets involved in addition to Harpoon Brewery. Hello free food and beer. Count me in.

This is a must-do race on Mother’s Day (5/10). Register here to join the wife and I for a good time.

^^Tank top to first 300 registrants!


Mystic River Herring Run (5k) and Paddle – May 17 (9:00 am)

This race is legit AT THE END OF MY STREET on May 17th in Somerville, MA. I am less than 1/4 of a mile away. Thank YOU race gods! Thank YOU! The 19th Annual Mystic River Herring Run and Paddle is happening Sunday, May 18 at 9am.

The annual Herring Run and Paddle includes a 5K run/walk race, three paddling races (3, 9, and 12 miles), educational booths, children’s activities, and more. All events are held at the DCR Blessing of the Bay Boathouse in Somerville. The 5K course continues along the Mystic River bike path and through DCR Torbert MacDonald Park. There are no street crossings on this flat course.   

You read that right. In addition to the 5k run, there are 3 paddle races (kayak or canoe) a person can take part in. You can run the 5k on its own, do any of the 3 paddle races on their own OR do the 5k and one of the paddle races as a combo. If you don’t have a canoe or kayak, you can rent on. I will only be running the 5k that morning ($25 registration fee).

MysticRiverHerringRunPaddle_2015Flyer (4) (1)

As you can see all proceeds benefit the Mystic River Watershed Association.


If you want to join me for this 5k (you can register here) then join me for the Slumbrew Fun Run 5k at American Fresh that same morning at 11am!


Race To The Row 5k – August 23 (9:30 am)

Amazing Race is coming back to Somerville.

Wait wait! That sounds misleading.

THE Amazing Race the show is not coming back to Somerville, but AN Amazing Race is.

The Somerville Road Runners are putting on the 3rd Annual Race To The Row 5k on August 23rd at 9:30am!



The race is a run or walk and is open to runners and families of all ages and abilities.

Additionally, there will be a Children’s Fun Run (age 9 and under) before the race with all kids getting a medal! Can I pretend to be an 8-year old? ;) I love a medal.

I will say the Fun Run was adorable to watch pre-race last year.

But more about the 5k:

The Race to the Row will run through the Assembly Square District and along the Mystic River! All proceeds will benefit the East Somerville Main Streets program (funding East Somerville business visibility and bolstering the community at large) as well as Somerville TrackPAC (provides college scholarships for Somerville High School students).



After coming through the finish, runners will be guided back to the post-race party. Your post-race meal will be provided by Ernesto’s Pizza. Quench your thirst with beer from Harpoon Brewery (21+ only). Other beverages will be provided as well. And dessert comes from another local favorite and one of our big sponsors, JP Licks, who is providing six different flavors of ice cream to choose from. Meanwhile enjoy the live music from The IT Band.

The first 300 registrants are guaranteed to receive a race t-shirt, and all paid registrants will get free food, drinks and dessert afterward! But all racers, volunteers and members of the cheering crowds can participate in the post-race festivities.

Want in on the fun? Register here ($25).


So who will be signing up for this sweet Somerville hat trick of races? ;)


Three Things Thursday: 1st She Runs Boston, Autistic Twin Brother Runners & Race Weekend Nerves

Motivation, Inspiration and Determination can be found everywhere you turn.

So where did I find it this past week?


1) 1st She Runs Boston Group Run


We had our first She Runs Boston run of the season on Tuesday – out of Athleta on Newbury Street – and it was an awesome turnout! We had 40 amazing women join us for a 3 or 4 mile loop along the Charles River.

FullSizeRender (53)

It was a beautiful night in Boston and it was a pleasure chatting with new friends. Some ladies had never run along the Charles before or with a group, while others were getting back into a groove after a harsh winter.


I had the pleasure of making sure both the 3-mile and 4-mile folks all made it back to Athleta. It was my honor to act as overall sweep for both runs. No lady left behind is our motto!!

I absolutely loved meeting new friends – especially some blog readers – and look forward to continued motivation from each weekly run!

Will I see you there next Tuesday? April 21 at 6:30pm at Athleta. Be there or be somewhere not as cool. ;)


2) Autistic Twin Brother Runners

Have you heard of the Schneider Twins? Alex and Jamie Schneider are twin brothers who are both profoundly autistic.

Check out the trailer below for their book: Silent Running:Our Journey to the Finish Line with Autism

If you are in Boston this weekend, keep an eye out for these amazing guys at the Boston Marathon Expo or race itself. I really hope to run into them and meet these inspirations!


3) Race Weekend Nerves

“So are you ready for Monday?” – the question I have been asked countless times over this past week

My response: “I sure hope so. Not much more I can do now.” <<nervous laugh>>

I nervously laugh, but it is true. Any race prep that really matters has been done. If there was anything more I could’ve done, now is not the time to dwell on it.

The race nerves have invaded my body and will stay until well… probably until I cross the Finish Line! <<knocks on wood>> NO I am determined to cross that Finish Line baby!

Thankfully starting tomorrow (Friday) the weekend fun will begin and prove to be a necessary distraction from the race nerves. I cannot wait to hit up the Expo (Friday and Saturday), enjoy the BAA 5k with friends (Saturday), devour some pasta at the Tedy’s Team pasta dinner (Saturday) and take part in a couple of free shakeout runs (Friday – ASICS, Sunday – Runner’s World/Land’s End).

But first it’s time to work on some last minute outfit decisions… ;)

If you are still interested in tracking me Monday: text 26786 to 234567 for updates!

ALSO if you are running the BAA 5k – meet at 7:15am behind the t-shirt distribution tent for a fun low-key meet-up!!


Where did you find motivation, inspiration or determination this week?


Dani Dishes: 6 Days Until The Boston Marathon!

On this episode of Dani Dishes, it’s less than a week until marathon #7 & Boston Marathon #3 & time to share thoughts & plans for the weekend!!


A big big big thank you to all who have donated to my Tedy’s Team fundraising to help me #FightStroke! As of now (4/14 at 4:07pm) my 3-year total is $23,266.17! I cannot even begin to say how much this means to me. I am part of Tedy’s Team and the American Stroke Association in honor of my Stroke Heroes – both of my grandparents and my father-in-law! So thank you all for your love and support!

Donate Here if you are still interested! :)



1) Get to Start Line.

2) Do not visit ANY med tents along the course.

3) Cross Finish Line!

If above goals are met there are some others as well…

4) Boston PR – under 4:04

5) Sub-4


On race day I will be thinking of these special donors who each sponsored a marathon mile:

1- Melissa K
2- Ryan F
3- Kathianne L
4- Mary R & Dusty H
5- Jim & Lynne K
6- Elizabeth D
7- Gregg B
8- Jamie M
9- Thea R
10- Dan F & Family
11- Carrie B
12- Chris S
13- Samantha A
14- Kelly K-C
15- Mary Ellen V
16- Frank F & Family
17- Megan A & Family
18- Sarah M
19- Neil F & Family
20- Dan F
21- John & Diane F
22- Barry G
23- Laura L
24- Dacia R
25- Angela G
26- Mom & Dad
26.2 For My Stroke Heroes :)


Events I will be hitting up during marathon weekend:


^Run Free Movie Premiere: 6:30pm-10pm (Revere Hotel, Boston)



^ Expo: it opens at 2pm and I hope to be there shortly after it opens!

^ ASICS Shakeout Run (2 miles) with Deena Kastor & Bart Yasso: 5:00pm (328 Newbury St, Boston)

Bring your friends for an evening shake-out run hosted by Olympic medalistDeena Kastor and Runner’s World Chief Running Officer Bart Yasso. Evening will include:

· Fun run offered to runners of all levels
· Post –run refreshments
· Race day tips from Bart + Deena
· Chance to check out the latest Asics apparel and running shoes
· Secure bag check during run

FREE ASICS Gift Bag for the first 50 runners who attend.

^ New Balance Fun

new balance


^ BAA 5k with friends including pre-race group photo at 7:15am behind the t-shirt distribution tent!!

^ Post-5k adult beverage along Boylston St: Time TBD & Place TBD

^ More Expo Fun

^ Tedy’s Team Pasta Dinner: 6pm-9pm

^ Runner’s World Fun


^ Lands’ End + Runner’s World Boston Shakeout Run (2 miles): 8:00am (Sheraton Boston Hotel, 39 Dalton St, Boston, Massachusetts 02199)

Come run with the Editors of Runner’s World, including Bart Yasso and Elizabeth Comeau, and check out the new activewear line from Lands’ End!

Light refreshments will be served after the run.




Wow I cannot even HANDLE the awesomeness that will be kicking off come Thursday! This will be one amazing weekend with friends. If you will be at any of the events above please let me know – I would love to meet up!


Vermont I’m Comin’ For Ya… But Which Race Will It Be? The Answer & A Discount Code Inside The Post…

I’ve raced in 5 out of the 6 New England States. I easily checked off Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island (neither a rhode nor and island – discuss), Connecticut and Maine.

But that darn state of Vermont has been alluding me for years.

Well that will all end in 2015!

For I have FINALLY found a race to run in the great state of Vermont.

Do you want to know what it is?

Are you on the edge of your seat?

Are you holding your breath until I reveal it?

Well don’t do that that’s not safe! C’mon people breathing is #1 to live!

Okay okay… so both the wife and I will be taking part in…


The Biggest Loser RunWalk Half Marathon in Killington, Vermont on July 26!


I want to thank the people at Biggest Loser Race Series for wanting to partner with Weight Off My Shoulders for this event and sponsoring my wife and I.


I love being at the Finish Line to cheer the wife in!

SO why this race?

First off, it offers a 5k and a Half Marathon option.

Second off, the swag!!

Each registered participant and finisher will receive the following:

  • The Biggest Loser Finisher’s Medal
  • Commemorative Biggest Loser RunWalk shirt
  • Drawstring Backpack
  • Chip-Timed Race for Runners and Those Tracking Personal Goals
  • Free Downloadable Race Photos
  • Award Divisions for Runners and Walkers
  • Celebrity appearances by former contestants from “The Biggest Loser”
  • Hydration Stations with Water/Sports Drinks Along the Course & Food at the Finish Line
  • Discounted Gondola rides to the top of Killington Peak
  • 2.5 hour Learn to Ski/Snowboard lesson at Killington Resort valid for the entire 2015/2016 ski season
  • Buy one get one free offer on the following items:
    • Adult 18 hole Golf Greens fees (Midweek Only)
    • Mountain Bike and Lift Trail Access Tickets
    • Adult Scenic Round-Trip Gondola Ride
    • Soaring Eagle Zip Line Ride
    • Ropes Course Adventure
    • ATV Tour (2 rides for the price of 1)
    • 18 hole round of disc golf

I mean you had me at medal and FREE race photos!! Am I right?

Additionally the courses at this race have a twist:

Participants run/walk down the mountain, then take the ski lift back up and continue along with breathtaking views of Killington Peak, the second highest peak in Vermont. The 5K course goes through beautiful downtown Killington while the half marathon route, great for someone’s first half marathon, travels along rustic wooded roads with stunning views of the Green Mountains.

So can this make up for me missing riding Expedition Everest during the Disney Marathon last year?


The course definitely sounds/looks challenging, but who isn’t up for a challenge. The wife and I are ready to tackle this bad boy.

And we want you to join us!! Both the 5k and Half Marathon kick off at 8:30am on July 26.

Half Marathon Registration*

  • $55.00 through 4/30/2015
  • $60.00 through 5/31/2015
  • $70.00 through 6/30/2015
  • $80.00 through 7/22/2015
  • $90.00 @ Packet Pick-up Registration (if available)

5K Registration*

  • $35.00 through 6/30/2015
  • $40.00 through 7/22/2015
  • $45.00 @ Packet Pick-up Registration (if available)


Use code WEIGHTOFFMS to get 20% off registration!! For more fun, join our team Weight Off My Shoulders! We would get a sweet group photo!! Just sayin’! :)



I’m psyched to cross off the 6th and final New England state off my race bucket list. Will I see you there????


Face It Friday: Weigh-In Results, Food Find & Sharing My Relationship With My Excess Skin

Since recommitting to my weight loss journey in June 2014, I’ve been doing my best to weigh-in weekly and share my tracker numbers. Not so much for others, but to hold myself accountable.

The past few weeks have been the worst numbers I’ve tracked since joining Weight Watchers. Now I’m not saying they have been my worst weeks since joining WW since there have been MANY a time where I wouldn’t track the really really really ugly!

But in 2015 I vowed to reclaim the consistency I lacked in 2014 so that means honest tracking! I mean if I track the 29 pts of Peanut M&Ms I had as 9 – that may look better, but the lying harms no one but myself. I might as well track honestly, own the slip-up/indulgence/treat and move on!

As we have talked about chain reactions, slip-ups and attitude adjustments over the past few weeks in WW meetings, honest tracking has impacted my relationship in all three of those areas… for the better!

So this past week was no different. Well, it was. For the past few weeks I had been sharing my tracker throughout the week on Twitter or Facebook for extra accountability. To try and help myself crawl back out of the negative. Now I was too far gone to actually get out of the negative, but I could chip away at it.

But this week I didn’t. I stopped sharing it in some of the group texts I was in too. Why? Judgement. I try to create a judgement free zone on my social media channels, but it still exists. Some of the comments I got in response to my trackers were hurtful. So I thought I would save myself those comments and pain. I know some of the people are projecting their feelings about their own journeys on to me and I understand that… it just doesn’t make it any less painful.

This week was a step back. I still shared with a couple of people, but for the most part I used the tracker as my own feedback.

The feedback? It was the ugliest I had ever tracked. BUT I tracked it all. Every delicious cookie and splurge were tracked, owned and accounted for.

FullSizeRender (43)

While I am not happy to see such a negative number, I am proud of recording it.

For the third week in a row, I prepped my mind for a gain. I used the same alarm label as the week before: “You are more than a number.” I didn’t want to weigh-in. I wanted to hide from the scale, but I am more than a number. I needed to face the scale for feedback and to be able to once again attempt to start the week on a fresh clean page.

So Friday I got on the scale and for the third week I was shocked…

FullSizeRender (45)

FullSizeRender (44)

… another loss!

FullSizeRender (46)

I again thanked the scale gods and ran away as quickly as possible. :P I cannot explain why I am so in the negative and still losing. Maybe my body needed the change? I don’t really know. But as soon as the loss happened I didn’t want to share. Those same people who judged me for a negative tracker also had seemed wicked annoyed that I was losing while it was happening. #Ouch

Now while training I have been trying to lose so my tracker was set for a 29 DPT (Daily Points Target). Maybe that was low? Maybe my body wanted more? I am not sure.

But I know it will be an adjustment after the marathon — which is just a week away!

This week I am focusing on fueling for the marathon. Adding in some healthy carbs and trying to keep the snackey foods at bay. Marathon weekend will be filled with social engagements and running. Shocking I know! ;)

I made a rule with myself. If I tracked every day from the return from Disney (Feb 25) to the Thursday of marathon weekend (April 16), I wouldn’t make myself track Marathon weekend (Friday-Tuesday). Again this doesn’t mean all food habits are thrown out the window, it just means I won’t have to worry about tracking them all during this stressful/fun weekend.


Food Find Of The Week: Bolthouse Farms Miso Ginger Vinaigrette!


Absolutely delicious and my new obsession. 45g of dressing = 1PPV!


I’ve never had a particularly good relationship with my body. I’ve never been one of those people with a positive body image. I’m the master of picking myself apart. Instead of improving as I lost weight, I’ve found it has gotten worse. I can now see more of the imperfections that were hidden behind/around/under layers of fat.

But when I share on social media or with friends about my excess skin, I normally get a confused look. Many folks think that I have none after losing over 85 lbs. I mean you are seeing me in compression pants or running shorts – those things can sometimes suck in all the imperfections we want to hide.

Folks don’t see what I see when I look in the mirror – which I try to avoid. Folks don’t see what I see when I bend over after getting out of the shower. Folks don’t see what I see when I do my planks in just a sports bra and pants.

So I thought it was time I shared what I see… or at least attempt to.

We can start with the standing and side view.

FullSizeRender (50) FullSizeRender (51)

We could debate all day and night what I see compared to what others see. But I know that I am lucky to not have as much skin hanging down as others do. But the skin is still there and it still hangs.

So I now share with you what I see when I look down during planks.

FullSizeRender (47)

Note: I almost didn’t write/share these thoughts because I knew there would be people saying that my thoughts on my amount of excess skin wouldn’t be valid since it isn’t as extreme as other weight-loss stories. But then I remembered that my blog is a place for me to share my feelings. So I gave myself a butt kicking and here it is. :)

FullSizeRender (48) FullSizeRender (49)

It was scary to have my wife snap these pics as I had a picture in my mind of what the skin looked like, but this was actual documentation. Does that make sense?

Now I am not ashamed or embarrassed by these pics. I know it is a result of changing my life and deciding one day that I was worth a healthier lifestyle.

Do I wish I could just cut it off and have it gone? Sure.

But for now I will hold on to it as a reminder of the struggles I have gone through, the amazing changes I have made and the past that I refuse to go back to.

While my excess skin may not be as much or as loose as others, it is still a part of my journey that I felt I needed to share.


How do you deal with the judge-y people in your life?


Do You Know When Mother’s Day Is? Well It’s One Month From Today & UnCommonGoods Is Here To Help

My mom is one of the toughest women to buy for. I mean we can have a competition if you want over whose mom is the hardest one to shop for, but I want to save us all the time, energy and post-it notes that would take. ;)

So when I woke up this morning and realized I had just one month to go before Mother’s Day, I vowed to start looking NOW. I am not going to turn this into another trip to CVS the night before where I try to rummage through the discount bin to find something creative, unique and affordable.

What? Like you’ve never been the child that was out the night before trying to find something. ;)

This year – 2015 – will be different and I have UncommonGoods to thank for that.

UncommonGoods is an online retailer offering creatively designed, high-quality merchandise at affordable prices. UncommonGoods believes that creativity and the expression of individuality represent two great human treasures. They have set out to create a business that makes uncommon goods accessible to everyone.

FullSizeRender (42)

What set UncommonGoods apart were the special features:

  • Featured Artist: UncommonGoods highlights the stories of our artists and designers throughout our website as well as our print catalog.
  • Handmade Goods: Look for the blue hand icon throughout the website to find our handmade goods.
  • Uncommon Knowledge: UncommonGoods posts surprisingly uncommon information and facts related to certain product categories or featured items on the site. For example, did you know that early candles were often eaten rather than burned? Or that Leonardo da Vinci invented the scissors?
  • Our Commitment to the Environment: UncommonGoods strives to work in harmony with the environment: our print catalogs are printed on recycled paper (30% post consumer waste) and all our merchandise is produced without harm to animals. Look for the green recycled icon throughout our website for products made of recycled materials.
  • Better to Give Program: We donate a portion of each order to your choice of non-profit organizations: American Forests, Women for Women International, City Harvest, and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN).

Pretty cool right?

With two Mother’s Day collections available on the site I am bound to find something for even my Mom! *Fingers Crossed*

Both the Mothers Day Gifts and the Gifts For Mom collections are easy to search and offer sorting and filtering features (rating, price, etc). You know this girl is working on a budget so we need to keep it realistic here!

FullSizeRender (38)

Ohh I am loving the 5-star Recycled Glass Tree Globes (value $45 per globe). I need to thank the website for clarifying that this is not in fact a tree decoration (my bad), but this is something my mom would love to hang in her kitchen window or on the porch looking off to the backyard.

And check out the back story provided in the description for the product:

Uncommon Knowledge: To make these pretty globes, artist Stephen Kitras first has to receive a shipment of broken glass from a supplier in Seattle that makes windows for cars, homes and offices. They send their broken shards to Kitras, who then melts them down in a furnace for 12 hours before creating his signature pieces.

Now I can even impress my mom with this fun fact! Win-win.

Gift prices really do run the gamet – from under $25 to over $150. The selection of gifts can range from bath soaps, mugs, Galaxy knee socks to a foot sauna, jewelry and throws.

FullSizeRender (40)

You can also make sure your gift was: Made In The USA, made with recycled materials and/or handmade.

FullSizeRender (39)

Allll from the comfort of your home, work, car or stationary bike. ;)

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the UncommonGoods Mother’s Day collections and pick your mom out something nice.

FullSizeRender (41)

You can thank me later! :)


This post was sponsored by UncommonGoods, but all opinions are my own! Ain’t nobody got time for lyin’!
Apr 2015
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Three Things Thursday: Discount Codes, #RunningMakesMeFEEL & Sparkly Soul + Athleta!

Happy Thirsty Thursday!!!

Oh wait… wrong post!! ;) Haha. Oh I slay me.

Well with a weigh-in tomorrow morning and a night of personal coaching calls for Weight Watchers I will not be taking part in an adult Thirsty Thursday. So pass me the Dunks and water! :)

Let’s get to the fun…


1) Here a few discount codes for some of the races I love the most!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series


Max Performance Triathlon Series

Save $12 on registration for the two triathlons that I will be participating in!!

Escape the Cape Triathlon on June 13


Distance: 1/3 Mile Swim, 10 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run

Use code: WOMSESCAPE15 (expires May 2)

Title IX Women Only Sprint Triathlon on September 13


Distance: 1/4 Mile Swim, 10 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run
Use code: WOMST915 (expires June 1)

ZOOMA Women’s Race Series (Cape Cod)


Race has a Half Marathon and 10k option and takes place September 26.

Use my discount code DANI15 for 10% off.


2) Have you taken part in the #RunningMakesMeFEEL campaign yet?

Newton Running is partnering with Timex to ask runners nationwide to express how running makes them feel by spelling out words with their run routes, launching a first-ever initiative on this scale.

Inspired by Newton’s new feel Campaign and an emerging trend among runners, The Run It, FEEL It, Spell It Challenge will encourage runners to track their run routes using GPS devices.


I finally tested out my new Timex watch yesterday! Can you tell what #RunningMakesMeFEEL? ;)

FullSizeRender (37)

Runners will then submit GPS map screen grabs – and the words therein – through Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #RunningMakesMeFeel and #promo to win prizes including:

  • A daily give-away of Newton and Timex swag
  • A weekly prize of a pair of Newtons and a Timex GPS watch
  • A grand prize of Newtons for life and a new Timex IRONMAN One GPS+

The Run It, FEEL It, Spell It Challenge runs through May 1. The challenge is open to all runners and running enthusiasts in the U.S. To learn more about The Run It, FEEL It, Spell It Challenge visit Newton Running. Join the conversation on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


3) Have you heard about the latest partnership?? Sparkly Soul will now be sold at Athleta stores and online (12 specific colors)! Woo! Two of my favorite brands partnering together.


To celebrate this sparkly union, Sparkly Soul is celebrating with 12 days of giveaways – #12DaysOfAthleta – and today is Day 2! Head over to twitter, follow Sparkly Soul, use hashtag #SparklyAthleta and get in on the fun.


Have a happy Friday Eve! ;0)


Dani Dishes: Marathon Taper & Self-Sabotage

On this episode of #DaniDishes, we are talking about taper madness & some potential self-sabotage over recent weight loss success!