Truth Tuesday – 2.2 lb Loss

I really owe a big thanks to @tryn2bfit for coming up with the #back2basics challenge for December! (I will be carrying it into January for sure!) Not only am I feeling stronger and more in control, but I am seeing major results on the scale. My home scale was telling me to expect a 1.8 lb loss, but instead I saw ... 2.2 lbs gone! Wha wha?? :) Today: Lost 2.2

Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 161.4

Total Lost: 56.0

Pounds From New Goal: 6.4


Since starting the #back2basics challenge at the beginning of the month, I have lost 6.8 lbs! :)


I can't believe I FINALLY hit the 55 lb mark. I originally hit the 50 lb mark waaaay back in July (July 5th to be exact). Wow that is a looong time ago. I can't believe it has taken me over five months to finally cross the threshold of 55 lost. But, I know - that is life. It also gets a lot harder to drop big numbers the closer you are to your goal weight (and technically I am past my original goal weight).


My new goal is to try and hit 25 lbs lost in 2011. Right now I have dropped 23.8 lbs since my first weigh-in in 2011 (January 4). I would need to lose 1.2 lbs at my weigh-in next week. Since work is closed, I will be going to a center meeting (Dec 27 at 8:30am). This meeting will be 3 hours earlier than my normal meeting so I am not sure if that will affect my #s at all. But, I am just going to keep doing what I am doing and hope to see some good results.


I actually sat down and looked at my WW numbers this weekend:

11/2/09 to 1/5/10 - 22.4 lbs lost 1/5/10 to 1/4/11 - only 9.8 lbs lost 1/4/11 to present - 23.8 lbs lost

Total 56.0 gone!

You can really see that something happened in 2010 that slowed me down. During that time, work was so busy that I rarely got to attend an actual WW meeting. I really think that killed my progress. I was only accountable to myself and we all know how much easier it is to lie to ourselves than the WW scale.

But, I am happy to see that I was able to refocus myself and come back strong this year. Having the meetings at work have done wonders for me - and my coworkers. :) I was really lucky to have the experience. I only hope that we are able to get 20 people in April so we can restart the at work group after it ends on January 17.

Thankfully my boss is super supportive and is letting me come into work a little late on Tuesdays so I can keep attending meetings (8:30am at Wilson Yard). I need those meetings to continue my success ... since we all know this is a lifelong journey!


How was your Truth Tuesday?