Well this post is inspired by two people.

The first being my Weight Watchers leader Lisa. She brought up on Tuesday how she wanted to be truthful with us because we would rather want a "truthful" leader than a "perfect" leader. That is the truth. When it comes to weight loss very few people have a perfect go of it. We all face obstacles and it is better to share them than hide them! Hiding things hurts no one, but yourself.

The second is Healthy Loser Gal herself, Jan. She blogged Friday about a rough food night and I commended her for being so honest.

So here goes...

I was HORRIBLE this weekend! Food, wine and beer, I indulged in it all. I made a loose game plan for this weekend and threw it out the window by Thursday night. Where to begin?

Thursday night I split a bottle of wine with a friend at an outdoor concert, while munching on A LOT of Baked Cheetos. I also came home and ate some pita chips (not needed). I did still hit all my healthy checks.

Friday night I went to a friend's house for a Weight Watchers approved dinner. I again imbibed on more vino than I allotted myself for that night. I snacked on more bread than usual. I also ate a few more Trader Joe's mini ice cream sandwiches than I should have. I did still hit all my healthy checks.

Here comes the BIG disaster of a day - Saturday. I had pita chips. I split a McDonalds meal with my wife. I had some wine. I had ... Olive Garden. I crushed five breadsticks and three plates of salad.

To round out the weekend, there was today. I had peanut M&Ms for breakfast with some post-run pita chips. Lunch was two beers and a chicken Caesar salad. Glass of sangria followed by Dominos (pizza and cheesy bread) for dinner.


I cannot believe I did that, but I am putting it behind me. I accept what I did and I am ready to be back on plan tomorrow morning. I am releasing the negative energy to this space.

As I told my wife this morning, this reminded me why I don't eat this way anymore. I feel gross, bloated (it is also that time) and overall disappointed in myself.

But, I had to look at the bright side. I still worked out each of those four days. After the wine, I could've gone out for pizza or greasy food, but I didn't. So I had some tiny plusses in a sea of negatives.

So there universe I admit it. I slipped. I am human. I am not the perfect weight loss person I sometimes appear to be. But, I will not let this get me off track. I am back.

Has anyone else had a fallout like this before, but gotten back on the horse?