Rock ‘n’ Roll Tune Up 5k - June 2011

Well, today was the Rock 'n Roll 5k. It is a "tune-up" for the August 14 Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon my wife and I signed up for. I ended up running 7 miles yesterday (half marathon training) so I took today's run super easy. It was a beautiful Chicago morning!

I decided to run alongside my wife and support her the whole time (we normally have different running paces :)). So we ended up posting a time of 33:17 (10:44 min/mi). It was a nice run. I didn't push it at all, really took the course and surroundings in and could tell that I am definitely back to my pre-surgery running form (i.e., actually running and not jogging). I was proud of myself that 10:44 pace wasn't too much. Does that make sense?

Since I pushed my back and body this weekend, I am going to keep the workouts easy this week in preparation of the "Proud to Run 5k" I am doing on Saturday, June 25.