Weekend Wrap

It feels weird that I didn’t really blog at all this weekend. I guess being that busy at work can do that to a person. Well as I left it on Friday, all I wanted to do is survive … and I did! AND even more importantly, I did NOT eat everything in sight. I actually managed to make it the whole week without using any weekly or activity points, which was my personal goal (#7daychip). So I am pretty happy that I was able to stick to my program and not cave. Even though many a time I said, wow I could really use a glass of wine … :P

Friday night was the highlight of my weekend. I went with Ellie and Sara to the NKOTBSB concert. It was amazing. Lots of bad singing on my part and overall “jamming.” Being at the concert and seeing everyone else letting lose and having drinks and stadium food made me jealous … until I remember the prices. All of a sudden the glass of wine didn’t sound so necessary at $7.75 a pop.

I kicked Saturday off with a nice 7 mile run. It was the latest stage of the Half Marathon training. I still can’t believe after getting home at 12:30 from the show I managed to get up at 5:30 for the 6am run. But once I was out there with my friend Steph, it was awesome. So awesome to see running groups all along the Lakefront and just enjoy an overall gorgeous Chicago morning. Oh, and I also ran the 7 miles (1:11) faster than I did the 6.47 miles (1:12) the week before.


I already blogged about it, but Sunday was the Rock ‘n Roll Tune-Up 5k. It was a beautiful morning and a fun run to do. I took it nice and easy and just enjoyed the run. Running is just awesome that way. You can tune out the rest of the world for that time and just be in the moment.

I am really hoping for a good weigh-in tomorrow, especially since I know next week will be a tough one after Chicago Pride weekend!! But such is life… :)