Truth Tuesday

Okay so I like the idea of calling my weigh-in day: Truth Tuesday. Since really that is what facing the scale is all about! So I was hoping for a good week. I was on plan all last week and worked out hard.

Aaannnd … I lost 4.2! Woo! I haven’t lost that much in one week since the Points Plus plan rolled out back in November.

So the grand total lost is … 49.2! Ahh, just 0.8 of a little lb from 50! 50! I have dreamed of hitting 50 and now cannot believe I am in the virtual bubble that 50 is in. :P

I am also currently 4.2 lbs from the goal weight I set on Day One of Weight Watchers and 13.2 lbs from the goal weight my doctor gave me when I had surgery in January.

I can’t even stop smiling. I am so proud of myself. It really hit me today that I am making this happen for myself. No one else is doing the work for me. I committed to turning my life according to food and exercise around and I have!

Now I know this weekend is Chicago Pride and my bestie Linds is coming into town so I will not be as diligent as I was last week so I may gain this week. But, I am okay with that. You roll with it. My goal is to hit the 50 lb mark in July … and I think I can! :)

I know I haven’t hit the milestone that is 50 yet, but I still want to thank all the people that have helped me along the way. The ones that listen to me rattle on on a daily basis about how many pts I have left, what I need to do at the gym and just let me vent.

The short list is: my parents, my lovely wife, Linds, Mel, Ellie, Jim, Naomi, Sarah and Elizabeth. But, I cannot forget my online support from HealthyLoserGal (Jan), #7daychip (Brad) and of course, my favorite Red, Jamie!

To you all, I cannot imagine being where I am today without you and your constant positivity (even when I didn’t see it)!