I faced the bathing suit and won…

Okay, so we know how little I looked forward to purchasing a bathing suit. But, Lindsey came up with a good idea of ordering the bathing suit online and trying it on the comfort of my own home. I can tell you that that was an awesome idea. I ordered a “Mix and Match” tankini from Lands End. I had to guess at the sizes since every store has different sizing charts. So, I ordered a size 14 top and a size 12 bottom. I finally got the package in the mail a few weeks back and tried it on. The bottoms fit great, but the top was too big. So, I did my first return online purchase return and ordered a new size 12 top and … here it is:












I put it on and immediately had the wife take pictures so I could send them off for approval from my fashion brigade: El, Mel and Linds. They all gave it the thumbs up, which was reassuring.

I feel comfortable in this bathing suit. I don’t think I have ever said that before. I really like the skirt aspect since I am self conscious about my thighs. I also like the tank top idea since I am used to wearing those while running I know I am comfortable in that style.

I know there is still a little stomach pudge that needs to go away, but I bought this for our honeymoon toHawaiiin November so I think I will be able to have that gone by then. J

What do you all think?