Truth Tuesday

I faced the scale this morning. I weighed in like usual at home and saw a +2.0. I was a little shocked since I had been really on Monday-Thursday, but let loose a little Friday-Sunday with my dad in town. But, on the official Weight Watchers weigh-in I was +1.0. Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 168.4

Total Lost: 49.0

Pounds From Goal: 4.4

I have definitely been having some stomach issues since the Half Marathon on Sunday so that gain might be from the bloating, but I am not sure. I know that I will kick butt next week to make up for it. But overall I had an amazing week. I was wicked happy that my dad was able to come out to enjoy the Half Marathon weekend with me.

I was pretty down on myself this morning seeing the gain, but the wife reminded me that this is life and there will be ups and downs, gains and losses. I mean, I should know that. I have been playing the losing weight game my whole life. But, there is still a part of me – the perfectionist in me – that wants to lose every time I step on a scale. Yes people I know that in unrealistic, but that is just a part of me. It happened when I first started this journey, but now that I am so close to seeing the goal – seeing the end – and the losing gets tougher. The other part knows that is unattainable since life happens. And the whole point of being on Weight Watchers is to enjoy life and the overall healthy lifestyle I am creating.

Plus, I need to think of the recent victories in my life to keep me going. Buying Size 10 pants. Completing my first Half Marathon since 2006. Seeing the same first 2 numbers in my current weight as are in my goal weight. Filling my Healthy Checks on a regular basis.

The biggest hit to my day was facing the possibility of losing Weight Watchers at Work. Currently we have the 15 people necessary to have the program, but it looks as if only 13 people would be interested in joining the next session. I am really hoping that new people see the awesome work this group is doing (We have lost over 170 lbs so far!) and want to join. I can see how the program is really helping my coworkers and selfishly, I love having a meeting 1) in the morning and 2) I can regularly attend even with this being my busy time at work.

It would be a serious adjustment for me to go back to weigh-ing in at night. I obviously know it is possible, but it is a whole overhaul on my normal daily routine. We will just have to wait and see. If you can all keep the positive thoughts and the fingers crossed that we can find two more people to join our little WW family and keep the program going.