Truth Tuesday

Well it is that time of the week again, time to fess up to the old scale. I have some good news to report this week. After my horrendous weigh-in last week, I got serious this week and my body is thanking me for it. I was able to drop 5.4 of the 6.6 lbs I had gained. Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 167.4

Total Lost: 50.0

Pounds From Goal: 3.4

I am much happier to be back at the 50 lbs lost plateau. I honestly told myself if I didn't get back there this week then I was going to give my 50 lb charm back. But, thankfully it didn't come to that.

I honestly feel MUCH better than last Tuesday. Last Tuesday after a week of indulging, I felt bloated, rundown and just plain gross. This week after hitting my healthy checks everyday and making sure I ate "clean." I feel great! It is definitely crazy how much can change in a week. At no point, did I deprive myself. I felt satisfied everyday. I was going to ban myself from using any weekly or activity points, but decided against that. Turns out I didn't use any of them anyway, but they were there if I needed them ... as they should be!

This upcoming week will be challenging. My dad is coming into town to support me in the Half Marathon Sunday so we have some meals to eat out with him. But, the good thing is my dad is easy going so he is fine with eating breakfast and lunch at home and then only eating out for dinner. So that should help some of the damage. Also, I am making sure I save all my weekly and activity points for his visit.

Now, when it comes to Sunday, I am not going to hold myself to 29 pts. I would have finished my first Half Marathon since 2006 and I want to celebrate. If there is beer there post race, you bet your butt I am going to have one ... or two! :) But, knowing my body now, I don't think I can go crazy again without it getting mad. :P It wants fruits and veggies everyday.

How did everyone else do on Truth Tuesday?