Truth Tuesday

This may be the first week since joining Weight Watchers that I didn't get on the scale once during the week between weigh-ins. It kind of felt refreshing to not be constantly monitoring, but to just live. As a result, I thought I would gain, but instead ... I lost 2.2 lbs! :) Starting Weight: 217.4

Today’s Weight: 165.0

Total Lost: 52.4

Pounds From Goal: 1.0

Can you believe that? One little pound from the goal weight I dreamed about back on November 2, 2009 - my first day on Weight Watchers. I honestly never thought I would be this close to that number. But, I am proud proud proud of myself. I have worked really hard at changing my lifestyle ... and I really have. My life is completely different than when I moved to Chicago in 2008 - and all for the better. :)

I was chatting (okay tweeting) with some other WW ladies on Friday night. We were talking about "goal weights." Now one girl had hers set for her by her WW leader, which I had never heard of before since I set mine on Day One. I don't think there is any way someone else can tell you what your goal weight should be. It is up to you - what you are comfortable with - what you are happy with! WW gives you guidelines/suggestions, but at no point have I been told a weight I should be.

So how did I pick my goal weight? I actually went to the BMI and picked the highest weight of the "healthy range." I don't think there is a point in my life where I was actually in the "healthy range" so that is where I wanted to be. I know we can't go by the BMI 100% since it doesn't take into account a lot of factors, but that is what I wanted. It happened to be the same weight of the WW healthy range for my height. So perfection! 164 it was.

Prior to my back surgery in January, my surgeon made me go to the doctor for a check-up since I hadn't really had one since starting WW. When I chatted with him about my goal weight, he wanted me to set it at 155, which is smack in the middle of the BMI for my height. My jaw dropped literally. I could not imagine having to hit my goal and lose ANOTHER 9 lbs after that. But, I thanked him for his input.

Fast forward to today while i was chatting with my leader, Lisa. I was telling her how when I set my goal weight, the biggest thing that ran through my mind was: What weight do you never want to get heavier than again? (Besides when I am pregant) She brought up another good point, what is a weight that you can healthily maintain? Good good point. The doc may want me at 155, but can I sustain that? Maybe. I honestly don't know since I haven't been my current weight since probably freshmen year in High School.

They have given me food for thought. I have decided to keep my WW goal as it is. Will I continue to drop a few pounds after I hit it? For sure. I will not immediately enter Maintenance. I am going to feel my body out and see what it has left in the tank. Especially, since I look in the mirror and can definitely spot 9 lbs on my body that I could live without. ;)

How did you set your goal weight?